Friday, April 11, 2014

The Bunny Twerk! And, my new Polyvore group.

Hi friends, long time no blog. Any semblance of organization I had has pretty much gone out the window this past month and a half, and blogging hasn't fit well into this mishmash of a schedule I've been running. But here I am, trying to make it work again.  Uhhhh....let's see...what's new?

Well, Easter is coming up. I only have one new design for Easter, and I'm not really sure who it is meant to amuse other than myself...and that it does! I giggled throughout the whole process of making this.

Bunny Twerk Easter Greeting Card by JenHoney photo bunnytwerkfeature.png
Get yours here!

And, if cards aren't your thing, I've got tees, tanks and hoodies, too.

Bunny Twerk- Shirts, tanks, and hoodies for Easter- JenHoney Design photo bunnytwerkshirts.png
Check out the whole collection.

Another bit of awesome news: I have a group on Polyvore now. It's called Jenhoney Fashion, Accessories and Home Decor. If you're not familiar with Polyvore, it's a super fun site (and app) for putting together fashion ensembles and home decor items. I've been on it for 6 years, and I often use it to see what my products look like paired with other products. For example, this set features a pillow and a rug from my Society6 shop.
Springtime Bedroom Makeover for under $500

And this set features a whole bunch of watermelon-themed stuff that I made last Summer.

watermelon mania

Occasionally I come across sets that other people made with my items, and it's always so exciting when I do, so I decided to make the group to encourage more of that. If you're on Polyvore, please join in the fun! I'll be having contests with real prizes from my shops.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Stomping Grounds

I'm writing to you today from my new office. Check it out! It feels so fancy to say, "my office" (for the last 7 years my office, studio and bedroom have all been one room). On the wall is my print of "Queen of Ravens" by Samantha DeCarlo. Love her work.

 photo 61a887dca4ad11e3b9ea1236db35d441_8.jpg

Moving is a lot harder than I remembered. To be honest, it's been kind of brutal on me, emotionally. But, today I got to get my gelli plate out for the first time in a couple weeks, so that helped my mood.

 photo e4f964dea4b311e3ba3612f3b041e1a7_8.jpg

I'm working on some Lady Liberty prints for 4th of 4 months. I know, seems weird, but I've gotta stay ahead of the holidays.

 photo 9fd69266a4ac11e3ba35121aed33e88d_8.jpg
Here's the office closet. I never would've imagined in January, when I got my old shelves all organized, that 2 months later I'd be moving all that stuff into a different house.

Also, I have no idea why that spork is in the drawer.

 photo fc824db6a4ac11e39b100e842b47932b_8.jpg
Miss Amelia thinks this closet is her new cave.

 photo a2fdf6dea3f111e3af7112e6553d17b3_8.jpg
Best thing about my new neighborhood is that we have a dog park. Amelia gets to make friends with other dogs and I get to make friends with other dog people. Dog people are my favorites.

 photo 2cda92f0a3fb11e3b9f512dc2048cdbc_8.jpg
There's also some goats in the 'hood.

 photo 58103150a3fb11e38fe4125be5bdf6a9_8-1.jpg

 photo bd9accc4a3fb11e38ff60abea93919fd_8.jpg
At the dog park, someone has done some really early decorating for Xmas on a couple outdoor trees.

 photo fedf6ab0a3fa11e3b7d2127ea6e65569_8.jpg

I really want to add some decoration to these trees. What kind of ornament should I make?

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Friday, February 28, 2014

29 Faces, Finished!

Wow, February is ending. Darn short month, rushing by all sneaky-like! Somehow I have actually managed to finish the 29 Faces Challenge just in time, despite being completely distracted by the stresses of moving lately. These are mostly digital, because my traditional supplies are being packed up this week.

Peewee by JenHoney- photo 20-peewee.png
Number 20- Peewee! Background and linework done in Illustrator, the rest in Photoshop. Why did I make him orange? I dunno.

Barbara by JenHoney- photo 21-barbra.png
21, the amazing Ms. Streisand. I was trying to make a digital piece that looked more like my mixed media work. A semi-success, I think.

Tim Burton by JenHoney- photo 22-tim.png
22, Tim Burton. This one was a super quickie, and I kept thinking he was looking more like Neil Gaiman as I worked on it. It's like a hybrid Tim/Neil, which would definitely be a guy I'd want to meet.

Quickie portraits by JenHoney- photo 2425.png
23 and 24, REALLY quick paint sketches, mostly playing with colors.

By JenHoney- photo 23.png
25- girl from my imagination. I really struggled with her nose, but looking at it now, I'm glad her nose came out kinda wonky. It gives her character.

Sketches by JenHoney- photo 2627.png
26 and 27. Little doodles from my sketchbook that I colored in Photoshop.

Self Portrait work in progress by JenHoney- photo 28.png
28- Yours Truly! This one still needs a lot of work. I've been meaning to do an updated self portrait for a long time. I can never decide whether I want to use a photo of me or one of my paintings as my user-pic on various art-related websites. This kills two birds with one stone.

And lastly, face number 29, made out of the number 29.
Number 29 by JenHoney- photo 29.png

My fellow 29-ers, I will be visiting each and every one of your blogs. It'll just take me a while.

Check out previous posts for the 29 Faces Challenge here.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My art, your nails! JenHoney & Minx nail skins.

I am so excited to announce that my art can now be found on nail skins from Minx! I love nail art, and skins are my favorite kind, so this is like a dream come true to now have my artwork on them!

 photo nailssingles.png

 photo nailssets.png

Available now in my shop! More designs coming soon.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stamp and Stencil Saturday: A Sneaky Peek

I am so excited about this Photoshop "stamp" (brush) set that I've been working on! It still needs some finishing touches before it goes up for sale, but I couldn't wait to show it off.

  photo makeaface.png

I've created different brushes for every facial feature, with 5-12 options of each, so you can just select a feature,and click it into position. The combinations are endless. I actually spent a couple hours on the phone with my dad trying to come up with an exact number of possible faces that can be made out of these 55 brushes. We finally gave up when we realized that we don't know the names of numbers that big. When you consider factors like color choice, placement, and's more than a septillion (the biggest number I know of... I think). No joke.

  photo makeaface2.png

It's just occurred to me that technically, I have WAY over-fulfilled the requirements of the 29 Faces challenge that I've been participating in. Does this count as #19 through... infinity? I guess I'll just call it #19.

Anyway, freaky math stuff aside, I can imagine lots of fun uses for these brushes. I myself will probably be using them a lot on cards and invitations. And I'm thinking that if I ever start doing my art journaling digitally, these would be a fun way to illustrate my "mood of the day" on a journal page. And...perhaps they'd be fun for kids to use... if there are any Photoshop savvy kids out there. I'm sure there are. These days kids learn to use their parent's devices before they even learn how to speak.

So, this is going to be my last Stamp and Stencil Saturday. In March I'll be doing SATURDAY PATTERN-DAY instead. I want to put some focus on refining my pattern design skills. Of course I'll still be posting my work with stencils and stamps, it just won't be on a scheduled weekly basis.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Art Journal FULL and Faces 13-18

I can't believe how incredibly impossible it's been lately to get myself to sit long enough to write a post. So much going on.

Guess what. The art journal that I've been sharing spreads from since the beginning of the year is FULL. Seriously full. It's actually kind of rare that I finish any art journal/ sketchbook/ journal to the last page, so it's cause to be proud. Plus, the the feeling of this big, fat, crammed-full book that I put my guts into is SO great. That feeling alone should be reason enough for anyone to start art journaling.

  photo finishedaj.jpg

So, next I will be working in two journals simultaneously. These both started out as books. The smaller one was my day planner from 2010, and the larger was my college physics lab workbook. I figured since I collage or paint on every page, I may as well upcycle some old books instead of buying a new blank book.

 photo newajs.jpg

The cover of the big one isn't quite finished yet. If you recognize that big flower, it's because I drew it for my Tropica series of digi-papers. It's also on some products in my shop now.

I love the way that pattern looks on the ornaments, especially, and it's giving me ideas for a tropical-themed Christmas tree this year, with floral leis as garlands, and some little hula girls, and like...a big pineapple on top! But, it's February, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. And seriously off-track. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, art journals. So, why 2 journals? Well, other than the obvious reason that my whole life is about trying to do more stuff than 24 hours in a day allows, they serve 2 different purposes. The little one is my regular "I did this and that today" type journal, and the big one is to accompany a couple "self-help" type workbooks that have been on my shelf for far too long. I've copied the worksheets from both books to collage into my journal, and I've been taking notes and illustrating key points as I read.

Also, 29 Faces Project! I have NOT abandoned it! There are some faces in the art journal pages that I'll count toward my 29, as well as a few extra that'll be at the end of this post. Stay with me. 

Here's a closer look at the cover of my new "everyday" art journal.
 photo 2014.jpg

Materials/Process: I found some old puffy stickers that said stuff about weddings and babies on them. I knew I'd never use them for their intended purpose, so I decided to use them just for their dimension/shape. I stuck them down and then used matte Mod Podge and plain white tissue to texture the whole page and encapsulate the stickers.Then I painted the whole thing with mint craft paint. When that dried I used some watered down black acrylic paint in a spray bottle and allowed it to drip. Then I used gesso on a makeup sponge to highlight the raised stickers. I hand-painted the "2014" in red, and then added details and more drawing in Sakura Pigma Graphic 1 pen (My recent favorite pen, since it stands up to a lot of my abuse) and white gel pen. For the dots on the top, I used a colorless Tombow marker to "erase" spots of the black (this is not the purpose of these pens, and I don't suggest it if you want to preserve them. I just happened to have an old one. A Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol might work similarly.), and then I used the gel pen to circle each spot.

First page!

 photo pg1.jpg

This kitty's face serves as my face # 13.

Materials: One of my gelli prints, gesso, Sakura Pigma Graphic 1 pen, white gel pen.

 photo pg2.jpg

Face #14

Materials/Process: Vintage wrapping paper, gesso, Inktense pencils, water brush pen, Graphic 1 pen.

 photo pg03-2.jpg

Face #15

Anyone else hooked on the Hay Day app? I figure it's OK that I'm letting it waste hours of every day, since I managed to skip that whole Facebook Farmville craze years ago.

Materials: Gelli print,  Graphic 1 pen, white gel pen, neon Sharpie paint markers.

Lastly, here's face's 16, 17 and 18. All 3 were done in pencil, and 16 and 17 I live-traced and colored in Illustrator.

 photo 1617.png

 photo 18.jpg

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stamp and Stencil Saturday: Foam Stamps + Ball Point Pen

Remember 2 weeks ago when I accidentally discovered how I can add detail to my foam stamps with ball point pen?  If not, you can see the post here.

So, this week I decided to experiment some more, but things worked out a little differently because I used stamps that I had already used for gelli prints, and the surface was different because of leftover paint.

 photo 01-11.png

So, this time, instead of having accidentally leftover marks, I made some purposeful designs on the surface of my cloud stamps.
 photo 03-8.png

Since they weren't as absorbent this time, the ball point ink didn't re-activate. Instead, the pressure from my marks is what added detail to the stampings. Still a cool effect! I should warn that if you want to try this- either on new or used foam stamps- be aware that you will leave behind some ball point ink on your ink pad when you stamp. This is why I'm using a red ink pad for clouds. It happened to be the color I didn't mind muddying a bit.

 photo 02-8.png
I scanned my stamp and turned them into Photoshop brushes.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet, but I made this little graphic just to test them out.

 photo rain.png
SPEAKING OF PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES... I've made my set of watercolor floral brushes available for instant download on Etsy. It's a huge set that I spent a lot of time creating, so I hope others can get plenty of use out of it.

If you have a moment- It would help me immensely if you click through to my new shop and pick a listing to share on Pinterest, Facebook, or your blog. It's very difficult to get a new shop noticed with all the goings-on of the internet, so any help is greatly appreciated.

 Click here to see all Stamp and Stencil Saturday Posts

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