Friday, November 28, 2014

Journal 32 is full!

My most recent art journal is full and I am revelling again in the satisfaction of having a big fat book full of my life.

 The pens shown here, and on the page, are Ranger embossing pens and I loooooove them. They're just markers with regular embossing ink in them, so you can heat emboss with any color powder.

 I've had this postcard on the right for years. It's finally found it's forever home.

 On the left here I tried something I was scared to do- printing on painted paper. I didn't know if it would gum up the works in my printer, but since my printer is a little worse for the wear after our recent earthquakes, I thought I'd risk it, and it worked out really well even though the paper was a little wavy from being saturated. On the right, the background paper, is from my Cutie Fruity paper pack, coming soon to my Etsy store. I think I might list the cut files for those paper feathers, too.

 More papers from the same pack.

 This left page cracks me up. The quote and the pizza sticker were sitting next to each other on my desk and it was just kismet.

 I've been making styamps and stencils a bunch lately. Left page's background is stamped, right page is stencilled.

 Left: A repeating pattern stamp I carved recently. It's so fun how ornate they look because of the repetition.
Right: Background is painted, stamped, and then run through my printer to add the pink swirling design, which is actually a drawing from an earlier art journal page. I just changed the color.

 I've been revisiting some of my favorite music from a decade or more ago. So, Morrissey has made an appearance on the page.

 That's all folks!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Journal 32: Part 2- My favorite journaling styles.

I'm still working in this loose-leaf format and loving it. You can see the first "journal 32" post here.

 This first spread is sort of more of a smash book kind of thing. I just wanted to keep this thank you note that I got from a client, and what better place to keep it than my journal? I have been trying to be more open to using my journals as scrapbooks, sketchbooks, notebooks, organizers, smash books, or whatever my need might be. I like the idea of having it all in one place.

 This was mainly a test of my Silhouette Machine's sketch pen feature, and I wanted to continue the use of metallic silver from the previous page. The sketch pens do skip a little, and I had to fill in some areas by hand, but it's still really cool to watch.

 On the right page here, I wanted a tiny stamp to do the bullet points for each musical artist, but I didn't have any- or so I thought. I tried my nail art stamping kit (the plate with this bow design is from Cheeky), and it worked wonderfully! Yay! Another way to use my nail polish collection!

 On the left here is an example of one of the ways I often journal on a work day. I keep a tally every hour or so of what I've accomplished since the last time I wrote. It's a good way for me to stay motivated and keep a nice productive pace throughout the day.

 There's a particularly lengthy and sort of embarrassing entry hidden between two index cards on the right of this spread. Sometimes you need to get thoughts out that you don't necessarily want to revisit.

 Here's the other side of that index card enclosure.

 On the right here is one of my "Tasks and Bribes" list that I make on days when I'm feeling really lazy. The left column is dreaded tasks, and the right column is things I'd rather be doing. For every one thing accomplished from the left, I get to do something from the right column.

The little tag here, which I added to break up the monotony of the plain written pages, is decorated with marker and a heat embossing pen.

 This is a Spongebob air freshener that I had in my car for YEARS. I couldn't just toss him, so he's retired to my journal.

 This peach paper that I've used for several pages is some copy paper that my aunt bought for my Dad back in 1994 when having a home computer and a printer was still a fairly rare thing. I remember printing out my Microsoft Paint masterpieces on it.

 On the left here, the background is an experiment in stamping through a stencil.

And...more lists. I'm a bit of a listaholic.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

My newest visual journal: Journal 32

 I've named this journal "Journal 32" simply because I felt compelled to put a big "32" on the cover. It's my favorite number since I was 15 or so, and as of later this month, it will also be my age.
I'm using loose sheets of whatever paper is around my workspace and using a hole punch and binder rings to keep it together. I'm really enjoying the versatility of this system. I love being able to rearrange, add or remove pages.

 In this journal I want to focus more on the writing and do less drawing or painting. I already do those things all day for work, and in my sketchbook. I want my visual journal to be more of a place for words and bits of mementos. So, I typed up a huge list of journal prompts for my first page so that I'll never be without something to write about.

 That big orange eyeball is a coaster that I snagged from a Halloween party last month.

 On the right page here you can see that I finally broke down and bought a lined stamp after my homemade rubber-band line stamp thing was a disaster. I love to do these "Currently" lists. They remind me of those surveys that used to float around the internet back in ye olde days of Myspace.

I always struggle with sharing my art journal pages because I'm never quite sure if they're actually done. I'm not sure about this spread, but I'm trying to keep things simple and go with clean design, so I'll try not to mess with it any more.

 Lately I've been taking classes on Skillshare, and so far they've all been pretty great. You only get a certain amount of video-viewing time per month with a free account, so I'm trying to be more choosy about which ones I enroll in. Last month I took a couple useful classes, but more so I was just watching videos with a lofty goal to LEARN ALL OF THE THINGS!

This is another great thing about this loose-leaf layout- I can just toss in some binder paper when all I want to do is take some quick notes! I'm off now to check out some OPP (other people's pages). xo

Friday, October 17, 2014

Art Journal: October Part 1

Happy Friday!

Lately I've been rediscovering the joy of drawing just for fun. It seems like many of my sketchbooks in the past few years have been taken over by work-mode, and by choosing to use simple supplies and a lot of drawing in my art journal, I've uncovered  a little more imagination and joy in my artwork. I didn't even realize it was missing until I started seeing it again!

I only had time for quick iPhone photos of my pages this week. Not the best representation of my work, but better than nothing!

I did so much drawing that I haven't had enough to write about in the spaces I've left for writing.

This is my favorite little doodle in the whole book, of my sweet princess Amelia...

 This one is my super-busy sister as Kali, the many-armed Indian goddess.

 photo subscribeweb.png

Friday, September 26, 2014

Art journal: Simple Supplies

This week I wanted to avoid getting out too many art supplies, since I've just cleaned my office. So, I stuck to simple illustrations in my art journal and I'm really happy with the results. So tidy!

All my supplies for the week are: Pentel pocket brush pen, Derwent Inktense pencils, water brush pen, various writing pens (whatever was in reach)and a clear Gelly Roll glaze pen.

I love those 2 shades of green together in the leaves (apple green and teal green Inktense pencils).

I've found that my art journal layouts look a million times better when I actually have lines to write on, but I was getting irritated that half my journaling time was being taken up drawing lines with a ruler, so then I thought I was being soooo clever, making a journal-line stamp by putting rubber bands on a wooden block...nah, not so much. The rubber bands either don't engage with the paper, or they roll around when stamping. And even though I found the thinnest rubber bands I could (from bunches of green onions!), the lines insisted on being thick and...unattractive. Bummer.

I love my little bat. I wanted him to be cute, but not too cute, since he is a spooky bat. I think I achieved that. He looks like he could maybe be a character on Adventure Time.

I watched this video of John Green and Hannah Hart doing the "Hemingway Challenge" and I had to try it. If ever you need to generate random nouns, there's a handy tool for doing so here.

On this page I used the clear glaze pen as a resist for watercolor. I love the effect, but it is really tough doing a drawing that you can't see until it's done and you add watercolor. Well, you can kind of see it, with the right light, but difficult.

 I've been drooling over pictures of "fairy houses" on Pinterest, wanting to build them. But, I CANNOT GET INTO A NEW CRAFT. It will suck up all my time and money. Instead, I'll draw cute little fairy houses/ castles.

And lastly, some doodling. I spent so much time on this page that I'm afraid to write on it now.

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