Saturday, June 27, 2009

strange signage

(click to embiggenate)


Sorry folks, the free beef with tires deal is no longer available. I took this a couple months ago.

This driver is a little confused.


  1. I srsly lol'd @ I'm on a boat pic. Hooo man.

  2. Is there a pop culture inside joke there that I'm not getting? I just can't quite figure out why someone would write that on their car.

  3. Ooooh. yeah it's a song by Andy Samberg (from Saturdy Night Live) but apparently I can't post a link here. Anyhoo, it's funny. And says motherfucker about 20 times. And has T-Pain and his AutoTuner voice in it.

  4. Ah hah! I had to be logged in. Anyhoo, I routinely sing this song loudly! I play it REALLY loudly when nobody is home, and dance to it. Cuz I'm a dork like that.

  5. It's a reference to a song, I believe. By The Lonely Island. You can watch it here:

    Language Warning: There is Language.

  6. Thanks Nonya and Hubbit. I was missing out on the joke there. Loved the video.

  7. Hahaha! I too have a FREE BEEF picture from there only I took mine in 07! Is it really gone now?


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