Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hey, look at me, actually making a post!
For the last month or so, and up until the end of this month I have competing in a sort of art race with a friend. Our works are at, and my contributions will eventually all make their way over here.

Shall we just get to a giant mess-o-art?
We shall.

I just came across a group called Everyday Matters, which posts weekly challenges. I don't intend to join the group, since I'm already a part of too many groups to keep track of, but I do intend to raid their list for ideas.


  1. These are Really good! But Bill Pullman Wink, Pigtail Blonde and Last Piece of Pie in particular are just visual gah-damn in a glass. Not eye candy at all, more like: eye gourmet entree. And they are all so different, such different effects.

    Could you say what the media are on these three?

    That could possibly be Aaron Eckhart wink. Or similar dude to that effect.

    I love the top guy too. His scraggled blond head, the dim beacon of the black world he inhabits.

  2. Thanks! That is a Alexander Skarsgard wink, but now that you mention it, I do see some young Bill Pullman there. All of the ones you mentioned are painted digitally in photoshop. I use the same methods that I use with traditional mediums, but in photoshop there's no need for set up, clean up, color mixing, etc., and I can get into much finer detail because I can zoom in close.

  3. Nice art!

    Anyways, you asked ProChoiceGal what kind of comments she gets. Please check out the comments from Jill Stanek's blog that ProChoiceGal is referring to. This may help you understand.

    The link is as follows:


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