Thursday, July 22, 2010

holy crap, people are naked under their clothes!

This piece had to be moved at the venue where it's being shown because people were complaining. At first I kind of just snickered, but the more I think about it, the more I want to paint some sweaty, rosy, glistening fleshy bits on enormous canvases. I cannot understand the frame of mind that would find something like this offensive. It makes me want to curiously poke around in people's brains with my paintbrush.

Prints are available HERE in:

4"x5", 8"x 10" or 16"x20" photo prints
16"x16" or 20"x20" fine art prints (also available with espresso or beechwood frames)
16"x20" stretched canvas prints
greeting cards (quantities of 10 or 25)


  1. Lame! Jessie asked me if Ben or I would like to have a show. He's been talking about it but the series he's started is from 70's playboy magazines so I told him he'd have to find another venue haha.

  2. It just drives me up the wall with this issue, whats wrong with it??? Nothing, its human, natural and its alive... And I love the colours you used for the back ground, it makes her shine and look brilliant. Great work, paint more!!!

  3. I don't find the picture offensive at all. Maybe the viewers 'with dirty minds (may I add)' thought she was masturbating. Sucks that people made such a big deal about ART!


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