Friday, August 31, 2012

Poppy Girl

On Sunday my computer ate the folder containing all of my personal artwork from the last 8 months. I tried everything, but there was no retrieving it. I threw a fit at first, but was then inspired to create new art like crazy- as if I have some sort of secret quota to fulfill. It's felt nice to be intensely focused on my art. Time spent creating never feels like wasted time.

This is my favorite of my new works. It's a little outside of my usual style- definitely a lot more polished than I usually go for, but I like how it turned out and am working on a similarly styled follow-up piece now.

The watermark/ signature is my new logo, which will be the new header of this blog when I get  chance to re-do it. I have managed to get it posted as the header of my Zazzle shop, though (although the mint green background has to go!).

I'll be offering this painting printed on some products, although I haven't decided which yet. Here are some items up for consideration-

1. Wristlets and makeup bags.

2. Wrapped box canvas with orange background.

3. Poster with customizable text.


  1. Looks amazing! My favorite for sure! was this in illustrator or Photoshop?

    1. Photoshop for everything but the linework on the frame.


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