Friday, September 14, 2012

I have a website (finally!) Plus- more 80's toons.

Today I launched my very own website. I feel so grown up. Check it out:


More drawings of 80's cartoons!

This is "Sunni" from Gummi Bears (1985). Except she's not so Sunni any more. She hit the Gummiberry juice a little too hard, and then when the show got cancelled, things just took a turn for the worse. Poor Sunni.

Here's what she looked like back in '85.

And then I crammed all the rest of the 80's onto one sketchbook page.

Here we have...

1986- Flintstone Kids
I drew Wilma, but I was watching this newish cartoons while I drew, so I made her look kind of like Mabel from Gravity Falls (my new favorite!).

Real Kid Wilma-


1987- Fraggle Rock

I'm not really sure why this show was on the list because it wasn't animated. It was...puppet-mated. Muppets scare me, so I drew "Red" as I see her. Here's how she really looked-

My version really isn't that far off.

1988- Garbage Pail Kids
So, this show was made with the intention of it being played in the US, but then it was rejected here, so I didn't get to see it until...last night. Not really sure what the deal was because it was hardly even reminiscant of the gross trading card/stickers that we did have here. In the show, each kid has 2 presentations- their normal kid look and their Garbagey look. I drew Terri Cloth, who's apparently based off a character called "Dee Faced" from the cards.



1989- Beetlejuice-

My Beetlejuice drawing was really lazy because I got bored of the project and at least wanted to be through the 80's before I gave up.

Playtime is over. Back to legitimate original artwork.

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