Sunday, September 23, 2012

Too many works-in-progress.

 I kinda forgot to blog here for several days. I've been sidetracked with establishing the new JenHoney Facebook page.  I'm sick of clogging up my personal Facebook page with all my various art-and-business ventures, so be sure to "Like" me there for updates. And for some reason Facebook likes to spam you with stuff you don't care about and hide stuff you might actually like to see, so when you click like, also make sure to check off "show in News Feed" in the drop down menu under the like button (that is, if you actually want to see my updates).

So...first of all, the Iris girl is done!

And that's the last in the series. I like this one more than the crocus one, but the last 2 just didn't compare to the first.

I have several new works in progress. Here's a sneaky-peek...

All of these are very far from being done. I really shouldn't have this many pieces in progress at a time because I'm afraid I'll just ditch one or two or all of them. But, there's an explanation (and it's long).

I was feeling like it was time to move away from Halloween things and onto the Winter Holidays in order to have cards and such available in my shop. So, I started looking around at Christmas art for inspiration and I came across the work of Robb Mommaerts and fell in love with his style. I spend so much time looking at art that it's really rare that I find an artist to be super excited about, but I have this guy's work saved on my phone and I've literally spent hours zooming into every little detail on his pieces and just...devouring it all.  So, when I finally sat down with my sketchbook (to start the piece shown on the upper right), I tried to emulate some things that I liked in his work. The sky, particularly, is my attempt at recreating the sky in this piece of his. I failed miserably. The line art actually came out pretty nicely, but when I scanned it into Photoshop and started adding color, it really started to lose it's charm. And then it just kept getting worse. I have very little practice in drawing full scenes and I've never even seen snow in person, so I'm not sure why I decided on a full-on snowy backdrop. I actually got so frustrated I shed some tears over it. But, then my dad said something about how a violinist shouldn't regret not mastering the trumpet, which is wise-Dad-speak for "Hey, you paint portraits and do graphic design. Of course you're not going to be able to suddenly draw like a professional illustrator!" So, I decided to set the drawing aside.

Then I realized it's not even October yet and I still have time to paint Halloweenie things. So, I started the Medusa painting. She is very very stiff at the moment and her snakes are RIDICULOUS, but otherwise I'm happy with the composition and the color scheme I've got going on. I also snuck a weeping angel from Doctor Who in there. See her? It seemed appropriate because of the similarities between the two lady-monsters. As long as you're looking at weeping angels, they stay stone figures. And f you look into the eyes of Medusa, you become a stone figure.

So, while I was working on Medusa, I started to feel the Holiday pressure again. "Christmas" is already a top search term on Zazzle. I thought about ditching Medusa and going back to my immense failure of a Christmas illustration, but then I decided to compromise and do some Thanksgiving art instead. So, the cornucopia piece was born. Once it's shaded it will be on some cards and possibly aprons.

So, that's the story of why I have so much unfinished work.

There's a ton of new stuff in my Zazzle shop. More than I'm willing to post here. So, you should just go there and check it out.

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