Friday, September 7, 2012

Witchy work in progress, part 2

For part one go here.

Here's where we left off.

I gave her a warmer shade of hair and decided I wanted it half down instead of loosely braided.

Added hair detail.

Pinkish highlights.

Blending the hair. At this point I decided she looked too much like Kate Beckinsale.

I started tweaking her face here- rounded out the cheeks, bowed the top lip, padded the eyelid, added eye makeup, elongated the eyebrow, rounded the chin and added some wisps of hair at the hairline. Now I see Liv Tyler and a little Anne Hathaway in the face.

Smoothing out the hat.

Collecting some inspiration for clothing. I decided on a purple version of the coat dress, sans the black bow, with a bit of the lacy dress showing underneath.

Sketching in the coat dress.

I re-activated the original sketch to remind myself how I wanted the drapery to wrap around the broomstick.

Lacy bits added.

Arm lengthened.

Blending the dress.

More blending the dress.

And even more blending the dress.

A little blending and shape refining on the hands.

A peek at the full composition at this stage.

Roughly adding details to the shoes.

More details, plus some blending.

By now I was getting impatient and wanting it DONE NOW, so I made a layer with notes on it, just to see what all still had to be done.

Added details to the front of the broomstick.

Smoothed out the cape where it goes over her shoulder.

Added more highlights to the hat.

Made a flowery pattern on the band across the hat, even though it's barely noticeable from the zoomed-out view. It will be a nice detail if I ever have a huge print made.

removed some of the original blocking on the hair, added a few new wisps.
I'm at ~11 hours now, and am estimating another 4-6 till it's done. Back to work!

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