Saturday, September 8, 2012

Witchy Work in Progress part 3 (final)

Previous Parts:

Here's where we left off.

Next I added little lacey details to the skirt.

At this point Kim called me to tell me that she'd seen the part 2 post and was concerned with the witch's lack of leg under the skirt. Note how it looks as if both legs are on the far side of the broomstick and just the dress is draped over. Me dumb.

To fix the leg issue I removed a crease in the dress and raised her other leg up closer to parallel to the one in front. I also bunched the skirt up so it looks tucked in, which is how Kim and I decided we would deal with wearing a skirt whilst riding a broomstick.

Here I was looking for a particular brush and needed to test out settings, so I figured I may as well flesh out the broom while I was at it.

Adding detail.

Adding more detail.

adding the part where the broom bristles are tied to the handle.

Shadow of the cape added. Bristles that overlapped the shoe removed.

Smoothed out the shoe and part of the cape that overlaps.

A peek at the zoomed out view at this point.

Here I enhanced the purple tone on the top part of the cape.

New note layer.

Somehow the broomstick had gotten crooked,so I lowered the middle part here, but then lost my work due to a one second power outage. When I got my computer started back up, I used this preview image to patch my work back in. I took screencapture video of the process, and the following hour of work.
Here's the video- 1 hour sped up 16x to make for 3 minutes and some seconds.
The song in the video is Slowdive by Siouxsie and the Banshees, since someone always asks.

Here's where it was when I stopped the capturing.

Checking the placement of the wording.

I decided the background needed a more realistic treatment. I removed the witch to focus on the background.

The moon was kind of looking more like an egg yolk, so I rounded it out.

And then I decided to completely repaint the surface.

Blended the moon and started softening the clouds.

Finished softening the clouds and put the witch back in.

Added tiny dots of light all over. It's her sparkly magic.
I decided on mauve for the lettering.

I also made a Halloween version, which I actually like better, even though this whole painting was born out of a need for a place to put the Samhain logo.
 Both will be available on postcards and posters (various sizes and paper types, with frame options, too!) in my Zazzle shop within the next 24 hours.

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  1. Awesome! looks amazing. Love all the details and seeing the process and all your notes is both educational and adds to the overall awesomeness.


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