Friday, October 25, 2013

Old paintings, revisited. Before and After shots.

Oh hello there. Long time no blog, eh? I think my love affair with Tumblr is over. It was hot and heavy at first: queueing up posts for weeks in advance, checking my feed every 2 hours, reveling in any attention I got from the uber cool art community there…but, like many relationships, it has gone stale, mostly due to a lack of adequate communication. Tumblr is not conducive to conversing with blog readers in any way that makes any sense to me, and I’ve been really missing actual communication in the classic blogging style. So, I’m back here. Hi!

I’m not even going to attempt wrapping up all that I’ve been up to since I last wrote here. At least not in one post. You can check out my Facebook page if you want a quick update. I will say, however, that a stroll through the last few pages here made me rather embarrassed at my older work. My work has changed a bunch, in both style and quality. I opened up some old files recently and was kind of shocked at how some of my favorite older pieces look very juvenile to me now. I’ve made some drastic updates to a few old pieces.
10 year comparison

This painting, titled Delight, was something I was very proud of back in 2003. There are still things I like about it, like my color choices, and some of the looseness of it, but with my current creative sensibilities, the original piece seems to be teetering the line between looseness and laziness. See that brown mark on the right side of the forehead? What the hell is that? All I can imagine is that she once had bangs and then I decided to paint over them, but couldn’t be bothered to do a thorough job of it. I wish I could remember the specifics of what inspired the original. I think I was going through a Gibson Girl fascination at the time. Hence, the hair. 

Before and After of In Deep Jemima Kirke painting
I found this one in a “work in progress” folder from 2006. I couldn’t have spent much time on it, because I have no recollection of it at all.  It was an ink drawing that I had scanned, added a bunch of grungy black texture to, and started to color. I must’ve had a plan for it, and I probably had a reference picture, too, but, finding it 7 years later, it may as well have been started by a stranger. So, I had to seek out suitable reference material after-the-fact, which was kind of an odd process. Luckily, I had something in mind and it worked. I used photos from a Vice interview of Jemima Kirke (NSFW). I love that photo shoot.

Prints of both of these updated paintings are available in my (fairly) new Society6 shop. I haven’t sold anything there yet, but, assuming I eventually do, I think it’ll be a better venue for selling my prints than Zazzle has been. Zazzle shoppers are looking for more novelty-type designs than fine art. So, I’ll still be selling things with niche-type designs and pattern printing on Zazzle, but if you’re looking for a reproduction of my paintings, Society6 will be the new place to go. Society6 also has shirts, cases & skins, cards, pillows and super cute tote bags with my artwork on them, and the prices on those items are better than the ones at Zazzle. If you ever find yourself wishing I had put a design from Zazzle on a Society6 item, or vice versa, just contact me and I’ll set it up ASAP.

Click to buy print
Click to buy print.

So, I'm not making any promises, but I think I'll be back here to babble on about my art on a fairly regular basis, so be sure to subscribe/'bookmark/sign up for email notifications or do whatever you do to keep up with blogs.

And, before you go, leave me a comment, please. Do you think I've improved my pieces, or are they missing some naive charm now? Should I put prints of the original versions up for sale? Who's your favorite ninja turtle? What did you have for breakfast?

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