Friday, January 17, 2014

Art Journal: A Case of the Blahs

Check out my first Art Journal post of 2014 to learn about art journaling, and my personal art journal principles.

Page from 1/ 9/14: "A Case of the Blahs"

 art journal- JenHoney photo blahs.png

Materials Used: torn up Chipotle bag, decoupage, acrylic paint, drawing pen.


art journal page detail- JenHoney photo detail1.png

art journal page detail- JenHoney photo detail2.png


  1. Wonderful job on this, especially the hair and the shading on the face. Hope you get over your blahs soon.

  2. I love this! The muted palette suits the subject well and the painting is beautiful.
    Glad to have found you through AJED.

  3. I hope that my art is this beautiful when I have a case of the blahs!

  4. A case of the wows! Your illustration is beautiful and the lettering going in every direction makes a great background.

  5. how do you paint hair like that??!! this is amazing.


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