Sunday, January 5, 2014

Art Journaling: More, More, More

Art Journaling is a hobby that I've returned to recently as an exercise to balance out all the time I spend at the computer with some creativity that actually gets my hands dirty.

My art Journaling Principles:

  •  I try to keep everything in my art journal original and/or up-cycled. I use my usual art supplies, cutouts from my own artworks, stamps and stencils that I made myself, and materials that might usually go in the trash (receipts, clothing tags, junk mail, packaging, fallen leaves,  etc.).
  • I don't limit myself to positive or inspirational sentiments or themes. Some days  feel crappy and trying to journal happy thoughts would be unauthentic.
  • All my pages are unplanned & un-sketched. This is what makes it relaxing and fun for me. I just grab materials and create.

Page from Friday, Jan. 3rd: "More, More, More"

Art Journal page by JenHoney photo pg01-1.png
Materials Used:
Torn strips of one of my gel prints and tissue leftover from xmas gift wrap, decoupage, glue stick, dye ink & acrylic ink, acrylic paint, a makeup sponge, brown paper packaging, fire, letter cutouts (as masks), cutout lips from an old watercolor painting, paintbrushes, a drawing pen, circle stencils made with an old file folder.


Art Journal page (detail) by JenHoney photo pg01-4.png

Art Journal page (detail) by JenHoney photo pg01-2.png

Art Journal page (detail) by JenHoney photo pg01-3.png

Art Journal page (detail) by JenHoney photo pg01-5.png


  1. Love the idea of the yelling mouth and your doodled lettering. You make great use of the wonderfully bright colors.

  2. This is really striking with the bright colours. Love the lettering too.

  3. I love its wild and frenetic energy but with beautiful color harmony! And I just decided the other day that I would also make my art pretty much all original and use only my own handmade stencils and stamps too, and ordered stamp carving and stencil cutting tools.

    1. Awesome! There's something so satisfying about creating from your own tools.


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