Sunday, January 19, 2014

Changes underway

I've got a bunch of housekeeping notes today…

My website, now redirects to right here (although this blog will still be accessible at as well). I was finding that it was more costly and time-consuming to update than it was worth. Most people keep in contact with me via my Facebook page or here on my blog anyway. Any artworks of mine that aren't archived here  will be put up on my Behance portfolio, which is now accessible through  the "portfolio "tab at the top of this page. I've also put up a "shop" tab, which is still in progress. Until I have that section filled out, you can still access all of my shops through the links in the sidebar here, and the buttons at the top of my Facebook page.

In addition to website changes, there will be email changes, too. I will still receive emails at my account, but responses will come from a new gmail address. My webmail client is a major pain to log into, and I've been finding myself avoiding doing so, so this change should lead to much speedier responses.

My shop on Zazzle will be getting a makeover as well, to make the shopping experience better for mobile users. I've found that I can't find my own items in my shop from the mobile page, so I will be putting a lot of work into recategorizing  everything In a way that actually makes sense, because Zazzle's default organization is completely bizarre.

I apologize if my constantly evolving Internet presence is hard to keep up with.  I'm working diligently on streamlining and making everything more user-friendly.

Please let me know if you follow any links that lead to the wrong place, or an error message when you're in navigating around my sites. I try to test everything myself, but sometimes there are undetected problems and your feedback really helps.

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