Friday, January 31, 2014

Creative Fuel: Things that inspired me in January

Hooray! I've somehow managed to post every day of January! Now it's time to wrap up the first month of the year and  give a shout out to some of the things that inspired me to create.


Marimekko is a Finnish company known for it's bold prints for over 60 years. Marimekko products have been ending up on tons of my boards on Pinterest and their prints have been on my mind a lot while I've been cutting stencils and making stamps for my gelli prints.
 photo marimekko.png
images from

Megan Draper (Jessica Pare)

I've been catching up on watching Mad Men lately, and I'm fascinated with the new Mrs. Draper. I particularly like her style, and the prints that only she can pull off.
  photo megandraper.png
This Vera Neumann print on the left is so fun, but seriously, who else could wear that so well?

Balzer Designs

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and her "Art Journal Every Day" project inspired me to start posting my own art journal pages. I love her always-energetic  designs.

 photo balzer.png
Balzer Designs

Paper Cutting

With all the stencils I've been cutting, I've got a profound appreciation for people who do ornate stuff like this. I still haven't even mastered curved lines.
 photo papercutting.png
Source 1, 2
Seed pods and other funky plant parts

Nothing compares to Mother Nature for stylish design inspiration.

 photo pods.png
Source 1, 2

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