Friday, January 10, 2014

JenHoney Bags

Between my Zazzle shop and my Society 6 shop, my artwork is on a lot of different kinds of items. I feel like I'm constantly saying to my friends "I have those in my shop!"  So, this year I intend on doing a few product features here on the blog to detail the different kinds of goodies available.

Today it's all about bags: purses, totes, messenger bags, etc. Please keep in mind that if you see a design on one type of bag (or any item in either of my shops) that is not available on a type of bag that you'd like, you can drop me a line anytime and I will make it available for you ASAP.

(As a general rule, I tend to put my fine art pieces on Society6 and my graphic design work on Zazzle.)

Lastly, for quick reference, you can check for new bags of all types at any time here (Zazzle) or here (Society6).

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