Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The May Queen, finally finished.

My first portrait of 2014 (not counting quick ones in my art journal) is finally done. I was watching Mad Men through most of the process of painting this, and I think I accidentally made her look a bit like Christina Hendricks (Joan). I named this May Queen because it was inspired by some reading I did about May Day festivals throughout history around the world. Sigh. Is it Springtime yet?

May Queen Painting by JenHoney
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May Queen Painting (Detail) by JenHoney

May Queen Painting (Detail) by JenHoney

May Queen Painting (Detail) by JenHoney

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  1. I keep coming back to look at your portrait. It's beautiful. I'm drawn in by the pensive look on her face. Today being chosen May Queen would be a happy event. I wonder what you read in the history of May Day that brought about your interpretation. (Yeah, I know I'm being nosy.)


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