Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Banner Photoshop Tutorial

After going back through my most popular posts yesterday, I see that how-to's are a favorite! So, I thought I'd come up with a Photoshop tutorial that would be useful for Valentine's Day. These little heart banners are a cute embellishment to photos, cards, posters, and web graphics.

  photo Untitled-2.png

First, we are going to make our own heart shaped brush. Photoshop might have a heart shaped brush already, in their built-in brush presets, but I wanted my heart brush to be long and skinny, so I decided to make my own.

I started with the default US paper size canvas, 8.5 X 11 inches. 

Create a layer above your background layer, and grab the standard round hard-edged brush, size fairly large (I think mine is around 200 pixels). Draw a thick diagonal line by clicking in the upper left and holding down shift and then clicking again in the lower right.
 photo Snapshot11-13-20146-50PM.png

Use the rectangular selection tool to select the top left area of the line. This will be half of the heart so keep in mind that the wider your selection, the deeper the cleavage of the heart will dip.

 photo screenshot01.png

When you're happy with your selection go to the layers palette and click the "Add layer mask" button. Then, right-click on your layer and select "Apply Layer mask".
 photo screenshot02.png

With the layer still selected press control/command + J to duplicate the layer. Select the newly created layer and go to edit>transform>flip horizontal. Move the flipped half to align with the first  half into a heart. Press ctrl/cmnd + E to merge the two halves of the heart.

 photo screenshot03.png

Now, we will move the heart off this canvas to a new one by pressing ctrl/cmnd + A (select all), then ctrl/cmnd + X (cut), then ctrl/cmnd + N (New document), then enter to accept the dimensions of the new document (I default, it will be the perfect size to fit the heart), then ctrl/cmnd + V (paste). 

Optional step: I wanted my heart skinnier, so I then pressed ctrl/cmnd + T and dragged the right side in, to make the whole heart narrower.

  photo screenshot04.png

When you're happy with your heart shape, go to edit>Define brush preset, and name your new brush.

  photo screenshot05.png

Now the brush is in your brushes palette, and you can close this document and return to the original canvas.

Next we will use the pen tool to create a path that will act as the string that your hearts hang on. I started and ended my path off the edges of the canvas. 

Click about here...

  photo screenshot06.png

Then click about here and hold down and drag to create the curve.

  photo screenshot07.png

We will first put the hearts along this path. Select your heart brush from the brushes palette, and adjust it to your desired size. Next, open up your brush presets and choose the "brush" tab. Select "brush tip shape" and drag the slider underneath "spacing "until you've reached the desired space between hearts.

  photo screenshot08.png

Next, go to "shape dynamics "and make sure all settings are at 0% or off except for the drop-down menu for control under "angle jitter". Set that control to "direction".

  photo screenshot09.png

In the layers palette choose the paths tab and click the "stroke path" button. Your canvas should look like this:

  photo screenshot10.png

Now, using the path selection tool, drag the path upwards slightly to where you'd like the string of the banner to be. In the layers palette create a layer underneath the layer with your hearts. Select a small, round, hard-edged brush, choose the desired color for your string, And then, again in the paths pallete click "stroke path". Now you're done with your path and can delete it by clicking the trash icon.

Now it's time to color your hearts! Select the layer with the hearts on it, and use the paint bucket tool to add your desired colors.

 photo screenshot11.png

Lastly, press ctrl+E to merge the hearts with the string. Now, you can drag this on top of any other image to add in your cute little heart banner!

 photo happyvday.png

 photo ten-1.png

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  1. Woot! I'll for sure try that out! Love your tutorials


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