Friday, February 28, 2014

29 Faces, Finished!

Wow, February is ending. Darn short month, rushing by all sneaky-like! Somehow I have actually managed to finish the 29 Faces Challenge just in time, despite being completely distracted by the stresses of moving lately. These are mostly digital, because my traditional supplies are being packed up this week.

Peewee by JenHoney- photo 20-peewee.png
Number 20- Peewee! Background and linework done in Illustrator, the rest in Photoshop. Why did I make him orange? I dunno.

Barbara by JenHoney- photo 21-barbra.png
21, the amazing Ms. Streisand. I was trying to make a digital piece that looked more like my mixed media work. A semi-success, I think.

Tim Burton by JenHoney- photo 22-tim.png
22, Tim Burton. This one was a super quickie, and I kept thinking he was looking more like Neil Gaiman as I worked on it. It's like a hybrid Tim/Neil, which would definitely be a guy I'd want to meet.

Quickie portraits by JenHoney- photo 2425.png
23 and 24, REALLY quick paint sketches, mostly playing with colors.

By JenHoney- photo 23.png
25- girl from my imagination. I really struggled with her nose, but looking at it now, I'm glad her nose came out kinda wonky. It gives her character.

Sketches by JenHoney- photo 2627.png
26 and 27. Little doodles from my sketchbook that I colored in Photoshop.

Self Portrait work in progress by JenHoney- photo 28.png
28- Yours Truly! This one still needs a lot of work. I've been meaning to do an updated self portrait for a long time. I can never decide whether I want to use a photo of me or one of my paintings as my user-pic on various art-related websites. This kills two birds with one stone.

And lastly, face number 29, made out of the number 29.
Number 29 by JenHoney- photo 29.png

My fellow 29-ers, I will be visiting each and every one of your blogs. It'll just take me a while.

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  1. love this last batch of images … especially the self-portrait!! :-D

  2. I really love all of your faces. Beautiful work..... Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  3. Wow! You have created some stunning faces. I love your self portrait. You use digital methods so well area which often confounds me . :) the last 29 logo is a final touch of magic.


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