Friday, February 7, 2014

Art Journal Pages + Faces 9 through 11

I thought that I'd been neglecting my art journal this week, but as it turns out, I have 8 spreads to share this week, just like last week, and the week before. I'm also going to count some of the faces I've drawn in my AJ as part of the 29 Faces challenge.

Check out my first Art Journal post of 2014 to learn about art journaling, and my personal art journal principles.

I'm not real crazy about the layout of this first spread. A lot of my pages this week started out as me getting frustrated with all the little pieces of stray paper in my workspace, so I just pasted them all in, without worrying if they went well together or anything. On some spreads this was a good thing, on others...not so much.

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj07.png

Materials: Gelli Print cutouts, magazine cutouts,acrylic paint, decoupage, printer ink that I busted out of a supposedly dry cartridge, vintage label and vintage ad, gouache, drawing pens, white gel pen.

Here's a closer look at the face on the spread:

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj10.png
Face # 9 of 29

I originally painted the face in black and white gouache, and then I thought I'd "protect" it with a layer of matte medium. All that did was smear the heck out of it. So, I went with it and re-drew the details in gel pen.

This next spread I didn't actually intend on journaling in. I was just going to have a couple pocket pages. But...then I had some venting to do.

JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj01.png

Materials: gelli prints, the inside of a security envelope, gelli printed enveloped, a plastic bag, ribbon, drawing pen, white gel pen, decoupage, masking tape, acrylic paint.


JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj29.png

 JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj27.png


I love how the texture on the left here turned out.

JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj02.png

Materials: Acrylic paint, masking tape, molding paste applied through a handmade stencil, sandpaper, inks, bendy border stamps, paint pens, adhesive vinyl, gelli printed tape, decoupage, receipts, napkins, cutouts from vintage stationary, homemade tissue tape, marker, drawing pen, white gel pen, watercolor, watercolor paper.


JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj26.png

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj25.png


I call this one my "Foxy Gentleman". We have a fox in the neighborhood that's been around since he was a baby. I don't know where the rest of his family is, but it's been fun seeing him grow up and become more accustomed to living in a rural area. I call him Elliott.

 JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj03.png

Materials: Acrylic paint, chevron stamp, gesso, pencil, inktense pencils, cutout from an old watercolor painting, circle cut out of plain paper, tape transfer, watercolor, drawing pen, white gel pen.

Close up of the fox-
JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj24.png
Face # 10 of 29
 This is another "using up scraps" spread.

JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj04.png

Materials: cut up gelli prints, gelli printed tape, tape made out of magazine cutouts, packing tape, runner tape, homemade tissue tape, markers, drawing pen, white gel pen, liquid frisket, ink.

On this spread I just wanted to play with lettering.

JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj17.png

Materials: Gelli prints, gelli printed envelope, gesso, markers, magazine tape, glue.
I like the balance of colors in this one.
 JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj05.png

Materials: Gelli prints, glue, paint markers, acrylic paint, magazine tape transfer, metallic paint pen, drawing pen, white gel pen.

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj16.png

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj14.png

I'm not sure if this last spread is actually done yet, but I kind of like it at the stage it's at, so I thought I'd share.

JenHoney Art Journal Page photo aj06.png

Materials: Acrylic paint, gesso, pencil, vintage embroidery pattern, decoupage, drawing pen.

JenHoney Art Journal Detail photo aj13.png
Face # 11 of 29

 photo subscribeweb.png


  1. Wow, your work is all so fantastic and inspirational! Beautiful use of color, unique techniques, awesome collages behind the journaling, and some really interesting lines. I definitely need to follow this blog.

    1. Thank you so much! I visited your blog and tried to comment, but I seem to be having trouble with wordpress blogs lately. The submit button just...does nothing. I'll work on it.

  2. I was drawn in by Elliot...what fun to have him in the neighborhood! We see foxes occasionally where I live in Alaska and I'm always like a little kid when I do! Your face 9 is wonderful...I'm just staring on that journey so I'm terribly appreciative of those who I can learn from. And I know what you mean about those little pieces on your desk...I've been using them in my Art 365 challenge - an inchie or twinchie every day. Fun post - thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, Sara. I live right on a creek, and wildlife wanders up the bank quite often. I'm moving in a few weeks. I'll miss the animals- but not their ticks and fleas. Sounds like you've got a lot of projects in the works! I'll be heading over to your blog to see what you're up to ASAP.

  3. Such beautiful and detailed art pages! I love the fox and the faces!

  4. Good Morning-
    I had to smile at your question of what do I do with all the inchies and the possibility of them getting lost, as you guessed it, I lost one. I now have 2 painted tins on my work space - one for the "finished"month, and one for the current month. The person I got the idea from said she was going to mount them all together on the wall, I can only guess she has much more room than I. So I guess the answer is I'm not quite sure. I kinda of think of them as a mini-art journal. Something to be sure I'm making art every day and trying new things. They are kind of fun to look at that as a means of discovery....hope you have a good day.

  5. Your journal pages are wonderful, so full of life! Love the texture and colour and creativity that went into them, even without the writing they tell such great stories.

  6. I have only just found your faces! I will definitely be back, I really like the way you combine gelli printing with paint and gesso. A fab collection so far!!!


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