Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Stomping Grounds

I'm writing to you today from my new office. Check it out! It feels so fancy to say, "my office" (for the last 7 years my office, studio and bedroom have all been one room). On the wall is my print of "Queen of Ravens" by Samantha DeCarlo. Love her work.

 photo 61a887dca4ad11e3b9ea1236db35d441_8.jpg

Moving is a lot harder than I remembered. To be honest, it's been kind of brutal on me, emotionally. But, today I got to get my gelli plate out for the first time in a couple weeks, so that helped my mood.

 photo e4f964dea4b311e3ba3612f3b041e1a7_8.jpg

I'm working on some Lady Liberty prints for 4th of 4 months. I know, seems weird, but I've gotta stay ahead of the holidays.

 photo 9fd69266a4ac11e3ba35121aed33e88d_8.jpg
Here's the office closet. I never would've imagined in January, when I got my old shelves all organized, that 2 months later I'd be moving all that stuff into a different house.

Also, I have no idea why that spork is in the drawer.

 photo fc824db6a4ac11e39b100e842b47932b_8.jpg
Miss Amelia thinks this closet is her new cave.

 photo a2fdf6dea3f111e3af7112e6553d17b3_8.jpg
Best thing about my new neighborhood is that we have a dog park. Amelia gets to make friends with other dogs and I get to make friends with other dog people. Dog people are my favorites.

 photo 2cda92f0a3fb11e3b9f512dc2048cdbc_8.jpg
There's also some goats in the 'hood.

 photo 58103150a3fb11e38fe4125be5bdf6a9_8-1.jpg

 photo bd9accc4a3fb11e38ff60abea93919fd_8.jpg
At the dog park, someone has done some really early decorating for Xmas on a couple outdoor trees.

 photo fedf6ab0a3fa11e3b7d2127ea6e65569_8.jpg

I really want to add some decoration to these trees. What kind of ornament should I make?

 photo subscribeweb.png

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