Friday, April 11, 2014

The Bunny Twerk! And, my new Polyvore group.

Hi friends, long time no blog. Any semblance of organization I had has pretty much gone out the window this past month and a half, and blogging hasn't fit well into this mishmash of a schedule I've been running. But here I am, trying to make it work again.  Uhhhh....let's see...what's new?

Well, Easter is coming up. I only have one new design for Easter, and I'm not really sure who it is meant to amuse other than myself...and that it does! I giggled throughout the whole process of making this.

Bunny Twerk Easter Greeting Card by JenHoney photo bunnytwerkfeature.png
Get yours here!

And, if cards aren't your thing, I've got tees, tanks and hoodies, too.

Bunny Twerk- Shirts, tanks, and hoodies for Easter- JenHoney Design photo bunnytwerkshirts.png
Check out the whole collection.

Another bit of awesome news: I have a group on Polyvore now. It's called Jenhoney Fashion, Accessories and Home Decor. If you're not familiar with Polyvore, it's a super fun site (and app) for putting together fashion ensembles and home decor items. I've been on it for 6 years, and I often use it to see what my products look like paired with other products. For example, this set features a pillow and a rug from my Society6 shop.
Springtime Bedroom Makeover for under $500

And this set features a whole bunch of watermelon-themed stuff that I made last Summer.

watermelon mania

Occasionally I come across sets that other people made with my items, and it's always so exciting when I do, so I decided to make the group to encourage more of that. If you're on Polyvore, please join in the fun! I'll be having contests with real prizes from my shops.

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