Thursday, May 1, 2014

Every Day In May

I start to lose focus during this time of year. Is it just me? I think that since a big portion of my income relies heavily on holidays, these months between the Spring holidays through to Halloween are bound to drag on. Business slows and I go into a wild, directionless frenzy, starting projects that have no hope of ever being finished, and just feeling very frustrated and lost. 

This is usually the time of year when I decide to start some kind of new craft. One year I made hundreds of little cupcakes out of Plaster of Paris, painted them and decorated them with beads and buttons and little plastic accoutrements. It was fun, but now I have a box full of useless plaster cupcakes.  And then there was jewelry making, polymer clay, painting wooden beads, crocheting, every kind of friendship bracelet ever, nail art, decoupaging like crazy, scrapbooking  and so on. This year I refuse to pick up a new craft that will only lead to wasted time and money, and leftover junk (although I did recently buy a balloon animal making kit, but those are fairly cheap and they eventually deflate, so it doesn't count!)

Instead I'm going to try to reign my focus back toward blogging, starting with a promise to blog every day in May. See? I made a graphic, so it must be for realsies.

 photo everydayinmaybright.png

 photo subscribeweb.png

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