Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hairy Spring Girl

I have a print of this  painting entitled "Spring" by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema hanging in my bathroom. I know every detail very well because I stare at it every morning while I blow dry my hair. 
And I have a lot of hair.

 photo spring-1894.jpg

There's a whole lot of stuff going on in this painting, but my eye often fixates on this particular figure. I think it's because she, too, has a whole lot of hair.

 photo spring-1894closeup.jpg

As a warm-up yesterday, I decided to do a quick study of this small portion of the painting, and give Hairy Spring Girl the spotlight that I feel she deserves. 

 photo springhairygirl.png

Here's a few shots of the process as well.

 photo springprocess.png

 photo subscribeweb.png

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