Thursday, May 8, 2014

How I Roll

Bicycling has become my new favorite form of both exercise and therapy. I hop on my bike at least twice a day to clear my head and get my blood pumping.

I think I had a bike as a little kid, but I grew out of it and didn't think to ride again until my early 20's when I came across some picture in a random magazine of a girl in polka dots and red Mary Janes riding down a cobblestone Parisian path. In that moment, that image spoke to me so strongly that I ripped it out, pinned it to my bulletin board of inspiration, and vowed to become that girl. 

I didn't actually get my bike until 4 or 5 years later. It's a Townie.  And you know that saying, "It's like riding a bike" because supposedly riding a bike is a skill that doesn't escape you if you stop practicing? That saying is BS. I had to re-learn, with lots of wobbles and bruises along the way. But, I'm so glad I endured the process, because I've put many happy miles on my Townie.

 photo bike.jpg
My beloved bike had inspired some new bike-related designs.
 photo howirolljacket.png

How I Roll Bicycle Shirt How I Roll Bicycle Shirt How I Roll Bicycle Shirt How I Roll Bicycle Hoodie How I Roll Button

 photo bikepattern.png

Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Market Tote  Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Favor Boxes Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Kerchiefs Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Compact Mirror Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Serving Trays Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Light Switch Covers Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Sandals Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Wallet Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Case For iPhone 5/5S Whimsical Vintage Bicycle Pattern Wallet Case Phone Wallet Case

This last design isn't actually bike-related, but the rosebuds are taken directly from out of the basket on the bike in the previous design.

 photo rose.png

Spiral Rosebud Phone Wallet Case Spiral Rosebud Purse Hanger Spiral Rosebud Night Light Spiral Rosebud Stroller Blankets Spiral Rosebud Pet Nametag Spiral Rosebud Dry Erase Boards Spiral Rosebud Fingernail Decal Spiral Rosebud Spiral Rosebud Messenger Bags Spiral Rosebud iPhone 5/5S Cases

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