Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Want One: Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet Phone Cases

Zazzle just added these to their product line a couple days ago and I've been working to outfit them with all my designs. I'm totally smitten and I may have to get one for myself. I like the idea that there would be one less thing to carry around in my purse, not that I don't carry a zillion ridiculously unnecessary items in my purse every day anyway. But, you know, the concept appeals to me anyway.

Maybe you guys can help me figure out how the phone actually stays in there. I don't see anything coming up around the phone edges to secure it, unless there's a clear plastic case in there. For now (until some product reviews start rolling in on Zazzle, or I order one for myself) I'm going to have to assume it has magical properties.

  photo phonewalletopen.png
  photo phonewalletfrontback.png

 photo subscribeweb.png

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