Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer of Color Week 1: Aqua, Yellow and Hot Pink.

Summer of Color is a 6 week blog party, hosted by Kristin of Twinkle Twinkle, celebrating (you guessed it) COLOR! This is the 4th year of SOC, but my first time participating. Each week a color palette is announced as a creative prompt. This week's colors are Aqua Blue & Yellow With a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Hot Pink.

I have used this color palette to inspire me this week in a handful of different ways. First, a new painting:

I've titled this piece Summer Nights, and yeah, I had the song "Summer Lovin'" from Grease stuck in my head the whole time I worked on this piece. And also now. Shut up, tiny Olivia Newton John in my brain!

Prints of this piece are available here.

Secondly, I've put together a collage of my products that fit in this color palette as a moodboard, and also as a bit of shameless self-promotion.

1. Pink floral iPhone 5/5S cases
2. Customizable Photo iPhone 5/5S case in teal and yellow
3. Geometric Flower Flip-Flops.
4. Customizable Ombre Stripe iPhone 5/5S cases
5. Teal Zebra Makeup bags
6.Yellow Zebra Spiral Notebooks
7. Hot Pink Moroccan Pattern Minx Nail Skins
8. Fully Customizable Ombre Business Cards
9. Customizable Chevron Monogram Kindle Cases
10. Customizable Yellow Zebra Cake Topper
11. Custom Hot Pink Address Labels
12. Floral Flow Bathroom Set in Aqua

I also have a freebie download as a gift for visiting my little corner of the interwebs. A digital mini kit for scrapbooking, designing, collaging, etc.

Included: 4 digital papers (12"x12", 300DPI), 10 elements in high-res .png format. Free for unrestricted personal and commercial use.

Lastly, a few of my designer insider FUN FACTS!

* My painting this week is inpired by a photo of Thora Birch.

* The Pink Floral Phone case that I featured today has the exact same color palette as Pinkie Pie from My Little Ponies. Coincidence? No. It's my secret ode to MLP.

*The paint/text element in this week's kit has handwriting in it that I got from my great grandmother's 5th grade penmanship class notebook. Thanks Great Grams!

Thanks for stopping by!You can see the work of other SOC participants here.

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  1. Love your submission. Laying on a hammock with lemonade and a family pet member is the way to go. Nice job.

  2. Me too, it's beautiful, better than the inspiration piece. Visiting from SOC

  3. love your Summer Nights!! very nice. I did Summer of Color last summer but had too much going on this year to play along. I look forward to seeing your work over the next few weeks!!

  4. great submission. I especially like reading the fun facts, I'm always curious as to how people make certain choices, especially artists and designers and I like that you choose a color from my little pony. & there's no shame in promoting your creation.

    visiting from Summer of cholors, have a great day.

  5. I absolutely love your painting! The way you used the pop of hot pink is simply fabulous! What a wonderful way to use the SOC colors!

  6. That is fantastic!! I really love the clouds and how true you were to the color combination. So so good.

  7. Love it Jenna. Thats exactly how i spend my summer nights. :) Love the MLP inspiration case too! <3

  8. This is a beautiful painting. Love reading your designer insider facts :-)

  9. Cool project, love how you've used the colour combo.

  10. Lovely stuff! I especially liked the painting!

  11. I love this too, you've used all the colours so very well, bravo!


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