Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of Color Week 3: Lavender, Grey and Plum

Summer of Color is a 6 week blog party, hosted by Kristin of Twinkle Twinkle, celebrating (you guessed it) COLOR! This is the 4th year of SOC, but my first time participating. Each week a color palette is announced as a creative prompt. This week's colors are Lavender & Grey with a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Plum.

My first thoughts on this palette were that these just weren't very "me" colors. I rarely choose any kind of purple as my main color, and if I do, I tend to go for a bluer shade. However, I like a challenge, and I ended up doing not one but two paintings in this color scheme, and a few extra things as well!

This first painting went a little darker than planned. I'm titling it Allium after the purple flowers. I think they're actually related to onions or something. My cousin Damian posted a photo of one that her husband had picked for her last week, and I told her I wanted to paint them, so when a purpley palette was announced for this week, it was perfect! The addition of the dragonfly was suggested by my friend, Kim, who is also participating in SOC.

I also made this little animation of stages of progress.

Prints of this piece are available here.

And for the second painting...

I just had a craving to do a portrait and I wanted to do something a little lighter with this palette.

I did an animation for this one as well.

I don't have this one up as prints yet. I'll include a link with next week's SOC post.

Next up, a collage of my products that fit in this color palette.

1. Nautical Ropes Custom Monogram Flip Flops in gray.
2.Boss Lady Tee in Eggplant.
3. Lavender and Dots iPhone 5 case
4. How I Roll Jacket in gray
5. Custom Monogram Wedding Stickers
6. Custom Thank You Wedding Stickers
7. Purple MegaDoodle Lunchbox
8. Custom Photo Luggage Tags
9. Flourish iPhone 5/5s case in lavender.
10. Purple Quilt Pattern Kitchen Towels
11. Purple MegaDoodle heart stickers
12. Custom Family Crest Tees in Asphalt

I also used this week's palette for a few pattern designs. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these yet.

These are made with my Floral Ornamental Photoshop Brush Set.

Lastly, a couple designer insider FUN FACTS!

*I searched for images of statues to use as reference for the statue in my Allium painting, but eventually went with this photo of a real girl by Loretta Lux.

*I had no intention of creating a celebrity likeness with my portrait, but as it turns out, I think she looks like a mix of Kate Moss and Blake Lively.

Thanks for stopping by!You can see the work of other SOC participants here.

NOTE TO MY FELLOW SOC FOLKS: I have a little issue with reading white text on black background (it gives me migraines), and I've noticed that lots of participants in this challenge have that color scheme on their blogs. So, if you've visited and commented and I haven't reciprocated, it's probably just because I can't stick around your page long enough to comment. Sorry about that!

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  1. Wow - that portrait is just exquisite! Beautiful work - and I love your pattern you created with you photoshop app? How cool is that?

  2. the paintings are wonderful. though if I were you, I would have added color to the little girl's eyes. & I really like the added dragonfly.

    & it's always great to see the process. have a great day.

  3. You've been busy! Lovely paintings.

  4. Both your paintings are jawdropping beautiful. I especially like the upper one, and that animation is very cool too.

  5. This is an AMAZING post. First of all you say these are not really your colours and then produce all this amazing art! Love the girl statue standing in the alliums, it's beautifully done, and the portrait is just stunning. I loved the animated process, that's marvellous, I wonder how you did that. What a fascinating blogpost.

  6. wowee I am impressed with all your challenge entries-your paintings are absolutely stunning!

  7. Oh my goodness - absolutely stunning artwork!

  8. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful! And I love how you animated the first one!

  9. Amazing. Love the animations. And I love the way you've used the colors!

  10. Goodness Jen! These paintings are amazing! I barely eek out one entry and you have made a roomful! My favorite is the second painting! I think you definitely should add this color palette to your future projects as they seem to work well for you! Isn't that a nice surprise?

  11. I have to start by saying that I think your portrait is very, very beautiful. She has the most ethereal look, I think I have ever seen outside of photoshop. Love it, very muchly <3.
    The Aliums, or 'drumsticks' as they're known around here, with the little girl, are so lovely and the dragonfly an excellent touch.
    I am very impressed with the animations. Very cool idea. And I think your pattern designs are fabulous!! :o)

  12. All your pieces are great. I love the Alium flowers especially. I love seeing the process of creating, so the animations are very interesting to me.

  13. Both are beautiful but I am really partial to the statue - that garden is positively alive with those purple flowers! The animations were great too.

  14. The little girl is creepy cool!

  15. I'm sorry I missed your posts, your art work is stunning!


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