Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Top 5 Sets from the JenHoney Contest at Orange Crush

As I mentioned last week, Kisha over at Orange Crush on Polyvore chose me to be The artist of the month for June. There was a corresponding contest, which Kisha was kind enough to let me guest judge. It was so difficult to narrow it down, because I love so many of the sets so much! So, here are the top 5 choices, and my thoughts when considering them for the running. (I really wanted to write about all of the sets, but there's only so much time in a day to write a blog post!)


What I love about this set:

Obviously, I love True Blood, and I get super excited to meet other TB fans. I liked the whole scene set here. It looks like my painting could be hanging in Fangtasia for Eric to secretly swoon over.

About this piece:
In 2010, when I was falling madly in love with TB, I did 6 Sookie paintings. I have always loved Anna Paquin (although she's since become a much smaller part of why I love the show), and she's really fun to paint. This was my favorite of the 6. Here are the other 5.

Atlantis Goddess

What I love about this set:
I liked the original take here. She took my Sky Goddess and made her aquatic! And what a great job finding a matching outfit!

About this piece:
I went through a phase where I was obsessed with painting clouds. *shrug*

#3Jenna @jenhoney

What I love about this set:
This was actually the first set that really caught my eye. I just thought, "That's so JenHoney!". Indy's design sense must be really similar to mine. I love that she let that beautiful green in my pillows be the star of the show here, by finding other items in the same color, and pairing them with a lot of light neutrals.

About these designs: pillows were actually inspired by some wrapping paper that I got on a gift for my 30th birthday. I kept a scrap of it for months to be sure that I used that color palette in one of my own designs. I've always been really happy with how it turned out. I've got to show off my favorite thing about these pillows...they've got a slightly different look on the back!

Indy also used a bag with my Craspedia painting on it. This painting was part of a series of portraits showing women who embodied the essence of different types of flowers. Craspedia flowers are the yellow puffballs seen in her hair.
You can see details and progress shots of this painting in my portfolio.

Bagherra the Tiger

What I love about this set:
I loved this fashion set because I thought it was daring and sexy and Bagheera goes so well with it! It captures the jungle feel without screaming "I'm going on safari!" or something like that.

About this piece:
This painting was a commission, and I usually try not to get too attached to paintings that I do as commissions, but this one just broke my heart to hand over. I put weeks of work and deep thought into that gorgeous wild cat. Luckily, the person who commissioned it was OK with me selling reproductions, so at least I have a print of her, and I can offer her on products like the ones in this set!


What I love about this set:
I just got a really cozy feeling when I saw this set. I would like to hang out in that room.It truly does feel like a sanctuary space. I loved the attention to detail, like the book sitting on the side table, and the fact that she used shadows to add realism to the scene. And the sentiment that all you need is love and a dog...I couldn't agree more!

About the designs:
For the clock and pillow we see Craspedia again, and then the yellow zebra print pillows are also my design, which I actually designed specifically for use on Polyvore when a zebra-themed contest was going on. I'm glad to see they're still being used in other types of sets!

You can check out the rest of the sets from the contest here:


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest, and an extra big huge thanks to Kisha, whose enthusiasm is really inspiring and contagious! It is one of my greatest joys in life to see my artwork make it's way out into the world. It thrills me every time I see my work on someone's wall, or one of my designs on a label in a store, and seeing my products on Polyvore is like the cyber-version of that thrill! I'd like to invite you all to join the JenHoney Polyvore group to keep in touch and participate in more contests with fun themes and real prizes!

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  1. I loved seeing my set in your blog! I had no idea I would win a placement in the contest. This is the wonderful cherry on top! Thank you so much! Emjule

  2. OMG thanks Jenna for such a fantastic shout-out. I'm honored, and I truly enjoy your talent. You are so very inspiring as well! It's really great to read about where you got your inspiration from on various pieces, you never guess what sparks someones creative juices. Good Luck and much success neighbor..Im right in Los Angeles.

  3. Thanks for your visit ! Love the concept of your blog and all the wonderful colors!!


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