Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer of Color Week 4: Pink, Apple Green, and Dark Green

Summer of Color is a 6 week blog party, hosted by Kristin of Twinkle Twinkle, celebrating (you guessed it) COLOR! This is the 4th year of SOC, but my first time participating. Each week a color palette is announced as a creative prompt. This week's colors are Pink &Apple Green with a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Dark Green.

This was a rough week for me. I could not make up my mind on anything. I thought this was a great palette, and I had a million ideas...but, I kept starting things and then deciding I didn't like them. My inner critic was particularly loud and obnoxious this week, I guess.

First, I started this painting.

I like it, but it wasn't the best representation of this week's palette, and  it could be stronger in other colors. Plus, I just really didn't feel like painting a whole bunch of flowers. So, I ditched it for the time being and moved on.

 I decided maybe I was just burnt out on painting in general, so I thought I'd try making an art journal page instead.

See how it seems to be missing the actual journaling part? Yeah, that's where this idea fizzled out.

So, next I decided I should do something totally different. Step outside of the comfort zone! Explore new horizons! Abstract art!

OK, I don't even understand abstract art other than having a vague idea of what I like and don't like (and no clue why) but, I recall fumbling through a few requisite abstract works in school and having them be surprisingly well received, so...why not?

Behold...a cave painting done by a 6-year-old cave girl....or something. But, hey, it's loose! Looseness is good, right? Next!

Yep, those are some marks on a page. How does one know when an abstract piece is finished?

Am I losing my mind? I don't know if I like or hate these pieces, but....I had fun making them. So, there's that.

Finally, I sat down with some watercolors and a couple of episodes of Scrubs on Netflix and created something I actually like. THIS is my official piece for the week... I think. I dunno. I'm frazzled. I need a week-long nap. And some pizza.

Instead of my product collages that I've been doing every week, I'm just featuring some of my pinback buttons this time. They're 25% off for the next 2 months with the code SELFEXPREZZZ.

Spiral Rosebud Pinback ButtonYellow/Teal Geometric Flower Button Good Times- Mint- Pin Cute Piggy Pinback Buttons
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They're all customizable, too. You could write your name or a joke or a quote or whatever you like on top of one of my patterns to awesome-ify it!

Thanks for stopping by!You can see the work of other SOC participants here.

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  1. Lovely pieces all of them. I love the last one, but also the one with two faces in it. I'm sure that one will become close to a masterpiece. Well done, even if you had a hard time doing them.

  2. Wow what a fantastic collection you have with this weeks colours. I'm glad I didn't miss any of this! You've had plenty fun and really made the most. That last piece is beautiful, so delicate yet full of life and colour, a real treat!
    I also really like that first abstract piece, the colours looks so lovely in it! I love to get loose and let go, things happen and even if they become simpler they have an authentic feel to them which feels good.
    Your art has been a real pleasure to visit, thanks for sharing!

  3. You made a LOT of art this week. I really enjoyed watching your art go from super detailed to journal rich to abstract to the very piece you finally chose. It was really refreshing to see your thought process.

  4. Really enjoyed seeing all of your started and finished pieces. I must say that the one you picked as your official piece is my favourite. But I'm quite partial to the "cave painting" too! Great use of this week's colours and thanks for giving us a "behind the scenes" look at your work.

  5. You've been a busy bunny this week, your artwork is stunning. Well done.

  6. WOW! Your work is all so creative and stunning! I just love the flowers in his beard in your first gorgeous work of art! You used this week's colors beautifully!

  7. Oh wow, you´ve been really productive! And I like them all!

  8. Wow you did so much this week. I love the old man. His eyes (eye) are amazing. Well done

  9. Wow you played a lot in this palette this week - how fun! And I must say I LOVE your "official" piece - it's wonderful!

  10. Everything is great! Love what you have done.

  11. So much goodness in one blogpost, what an amazing array of wonderful art.
    Any of these would have been perfect for SOC, if I had to choose a favourite it would be the last, a lovely colourful design.

  12. You made so many things and they are all lovely!! I really like the guy with the flowers in his beard :-)


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