Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Walkthrough Wednesday: Authentic Self

Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, where each Hump Day I'll be sharing the process of creating a digital art journal page. I include every time I change my mind or flub-up on something so that you can really get a sense of the whole process. You can follow along step-by-step or just read through for a little mid-week technique inspiration.

I'm working in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1. Most of my techniques are do-able in PS Elements and GIMP as well. Here's what I'm creating:

Resources used:
Dido Designs Authentic Mini Kit  (free when you like their Facebook page)
GistX font from Yellow Design Studio
Larke Sans Font by Steve Gardner
and a personal drawing done with a Sakura Micron 08 pen.

My inspiration for today's page comes from this "door hues" palette from design-seeds, which I will be sampling color from for my layout. I'm starting with the palette open, alongside my canvas, within which I've pasted this gorgeous paper from the kit.

I immediately wanted to get some of that yellow into my page, so, on a new layer, I painted a fat line across the page, blurred the heck out of it with the gaussian blur filter, and set the layer's blend mode to overlay.

Next I introduced some of the sky blue from the palette, using my abstract grunge brush set on a multiply layer.

Then I placed in the word "authentic" from the kit and made several copies in various colors from my palette. I did this by ctrl/cmnd clicking the word art layer and creating new color fill layers.

Next part's a little tricky. I merged all the different "authentic" layers into one, set the blend mode to multiply and added a layer mask. On the mask I used one of my grunge brushes to distress the jumble of words and make them look stamped. Then I multiplied the newly distressed layer twice (ctrl/cmnd+J) and arranged the word jumbles into sort of a cloud.

Now it's time to start building the quote. In the brown shade from the palette I typed out the words "authentic self" in a font called Gist  at 100 pt, making sure to align my text to the right.

At this point I decided I wanted even more of a pop of yellow in there, so I created a new layer right above my original band of yellow and added one click of yellow with a big, soft brush. Then I lowered the opacity of the layer to 65%.

Next I typed out the rest of my quote in 2 layers, using the font Larke Sans Bold in all caps. I set both new text layers to multiply so the yellow would show just a bit better.

At this point I decided there needed to be some areas of clarity in my layout. So, using a contrasting color on a layer just above the paper layer (see the hot pink in the layer window?), I mapped out some areas I'd like to clarify with my grunge brushes and then placed another paper from the kit on top.

I wanted to lighten up the beige quite a bit, so I added a color fill layer in gray and set the layer to overlay mode. 

To clip this paper to the mask I'd made below, I merged the paper layer with the overlay layer and then ctrl/cmnd-clicked the line between my new merged layer and the hot pink mask. I also did a little tweaking at this point, adding a bit more to the mask and erasing some of the baby blue layer that I didn't like.

And...some more tweaking was needed. I moved my yellow focal spot over to the right so that it was leading off the page, then duplicated the layer, enlarged it, and moved that over to the top left corner, lowering the opacity to 43%. I also went back to my clusters of the word "authentic" and varied the opacity of each group. It's all about these little details, folks! They add up.

Next I placed in this photo of a page from my sketchbook. 

I selected just the line art of the flower on the left and then created a new color fill layer in yellow. I can now delete the layer with my sketchbook on it and just have the yellow flower left over.

Now, with the flower in there, I decided the text needed to be a bit more playful. I switched the top and bottom font to Bands Make Her Dance, and changed the color to brown.

Lastly, I added a couple clicks of the darker blue with my grunge brushes and I call it done.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you learned something useful!

 photo subscribeweb.png

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  1. Awesome! Finally caught up to your post! Thanks for the awesome walkthrough!


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