Friday, September 26, 2014

Art journal: Simple Supplies

This week I wanted to avoid getting out too many art supplies, since I've just cleaned my office. So, I stuck to simple illustrations in my art journal and I'm really happy with the results. So tidy!

All my supplies for the week are: Pentel pocket brush pen, Derwent Inktense pencils, water brush pen, various writing pens (whatever was in reach)and a clear Gelly Roll glaze pen.

I love those 2 shades of green together in the leaves (apple green and teal green Inktense pencils).

I've found that my art journal layouts look a million times better when I actually have lines to write on, but I was getting irritated that half my journaling time was being taken up drawing lines with a ruler, so then I thought I was being soooo clever, making a journal-line stamp by putting rubber bands on a wooden block...nah, not so much. The rubber bands either don't engage with the paper, or they roll around when stamping. And even though I found the thinnest rubber bands I could (from bunches of green onions!), the lines insisted on being thick and...unattractive. Bummer.

I love my little bat. I wanted him to be cute, but not too cute, since he is a spooky bat. I think I achieved that. He looks like he could maybe be a character on Adventure Time.

I watched this video of John Green and Hannah Hart doing the "Hemingway Challenge" and I had to try it. If ever you need to generate random nouns, there's a handy tool for doing so here.

On this page I used the clear glaze pen as a resist for watercolor. I love the effect, but it is really tough doing a drawing that you can't see until it's done and you add watercolor. Well, you can kind of see it, with the right light, but difficult.

 I've been drooling over pictures of "fairy houses" on Pinterest, wanting to build them. But, I CANNOT GET INTO A NEW CRAFT. It will suck up all my time and money. Instead, I'll draw cute little fairy houses/ castles.

And lastly, some doodling. I spent so much time on this page that I'm afraid to write on it now.


  1. Just came over from Balzer Design and your work is gorgeous!! WOW

  2. Love your pages, really love your plant in the pot with the vibrant colours.

  3. It just goes to show that we don't need a cupboard full of supplies to create beautiful pages :)

  4. Excellent colors and sketches. I loved looking at them And the bat is so cute!


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