Friday, November 28, 2014

Journal 32 is full!

My most recent art journal is full and I am revelling again in the satisfaction of having a big fat book full of my life.

 The pens shown here, and on the page, are Ranger embossing pens and I loooooove them. They're just markers with regular embossing ink in them, so you can heat emboss with any color powder.

 I've had this postcard on the right for years. It's finally found it's forever home.

 On the left here I tried something I was scared to do- printing on painted paper. I didn't know if it would gum up the works in my printer, but since my printer is a little worse for the wear after our recent earthquakes, I thought I'd risk it, and it worked out really well even though the paper was a little wavy from being saturated. On the right, the background paper, is from my Cutie Fruity paper pack, coming soon to my Etsy store. I think I might list the cut files for those paper feathers, too.

 More papers from the same pack.

 This left page cracks me up. The quote and the pizza sticker were sitting next to each other on my desk and it was just kismet.

 I've been making styamps and stencils a bunch lately. Left page's background is stamped, right page is stencilled.

 Left: A repeating pattern stamp I carved recently. It's so fun how ornate they look because of the repetition.
Right: Background is painted, stamped, and then run through my printer to add the pink swirling design, which is actually a drawing from an earlier art journal page. I just changed the color.

 I've been revisiting some of my favorite music from a decade or more ago. So, Morrissey has made an appearance on the page.

 That's all folks!

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  1. I love this journal! I love looking back and seeing a finished book. Congrats!


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