Friday, November 7, 2014

My newest visual journal: Journal 32

 I've named this journal "Journal 32" simply because I felt compelled to put a big "32" on the cover. It's my favorite number since I was 15 or so, and as of later this month, it will also be my age.
I'm using loose sheets of whatever paper is around my workspace and using a hole punch and binder rings to keep it together. I'm really enjoying the versatility of this system. I love being able to rearrange, add or remove pages.

 In this journal I want to focus more on the writing and do less drawing or painting. I already do those things all day for work, and in my sketchbook. I want my visual journal to be more of a place for words and bits of mementos. So, I typed up a huge list of journal prompts for my first page so that I'll never be without something to write about.

 That big orange eyeball is a coaster that I snagged from a Halloween party last month.

 On the right page here you can see that I finally broke down and bought a lined stamp after my homemade rubber-band line stamp thing was a disaster. I love to do these "Currently" lists. They remind me of those surveys that used to float around the internet back in ye olde days of Myspace.

I always struggle with sharing my art journal pages because I'm never quite sure if they're actually done. I'm not sure about this spread, but I'm trying to keep things simple and go with clean design, so I'll try not to mess with it any more.

 Lately I've been taking classes on Skillshare, and so far they've all been pretty great. You only get a certain amount of video-viewing time per month with a free account, so I'm trying to be more choosy about which ones I enroll in. Last month I took a couple useful classes, but more so I was just watching videos with a lofty goal to LEARN ALL OF THE THINGS!

This is another great thing about this loose-leaf layout- I can just toss in some binder paper when all I want to do is take some quick notes! I'm off now to check out some OPP (other people's pages). xo

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  1. What a beautiful journal that is, love your hand written pages in different styles. Fun stuff!


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