Thursday, January 15, 2015

First journal of 2015: Guts.

It's time for yet another new journal! I seem to be filling up about one a month lately. It's hard to stay in the right journal-keeping stride. When you have the free time to actually write, there's nothing to write about, and when all the stuff to write about is happening, there's no time to sit down with the journal. But, I guess I've hit a good balance lately. So, introducing my first journal of 2015: "guts".

This cover is seriously minimalist for me. It's very hard for me to leave things simple. Particularly because I cannot keep white things clean.

Left: My nephew-pup. I snagged the picture from facebook and decorated it with paint markers.
Right: "May your 2015 be more fuck yeah than fuck this" cutout, which I designed, but I stole the phrase from a friend.

Left: Just washi tape and a line stamp on watercolor paper. I have been trying to do less redacting lately, so I didn't disguise the fact that that page is totally filled with neurotic ponderings. This is how one fills a big fat journal in a month.
Right: I loved the paper that I made here- spray inks, distress inks and a tiled hand-carved stamp. Unfortunately I covered up most of it with a miserable text conversation. Someone recently told me that they admired my willingness to chronicle the bad times as well as the good. I think it's essential, but I also think that the bad times shouldn't waste your favorite paper.

Left: The bad continues.
Right: I made a little pocket page for some things that didn't fit in anywhere else. The image there is NOT MY ARTWORK. It's a  Louise Belcher fan piece by Skinny Mister. I just turned it into a sticker.

Left: Another background with a hand-carved tiled stamp, as well as the sister-piece to the previous page; Tina Belcher, also by Skinny Mister.
Right: Background is a gelli print that I made a while back with a hand-cut tulip mask.

Left: Stamps, patterned paper and washi tape.
Right: Painted page topped with stamps, doodles and some fish stickers made with vintage clip art.
Left: Gelli printed page with some Ren &a Stimpy cutouts and hand-lettering in paint marker and Pitt artist pen.
Right: A random "good stuff" list in brush pen and gel pen on top of a painted page.

Definitely my favorite spread in the whole journal as of yet. Not sure if it's just because Hozier's in it or not.

Gelli prints, washi tape, paint pens, random strips of paper. The eye design is from an old hand-cut foam stamp.

Left: This old book page was going to just be a background, but then I ended up liking one of the quotes.
Middle: I made little "dailies" cards for keeping tack of health stuff. But, then of course I made them a weird size, so I've had to get creative about how to add them to my journal.

Left: Old wrapping paper, paint and a word cutout.
Right: Scrapbooking paper with paint and gel pen. I love white gel pen on top of black paint.

This page gets a closeup because I love my layered cute here, even though the photo didn't fit in there quite right. The cut file is for sale here, in my Etsy shop..

Left: Scrapbooking paper, and more white gel pen on black paint.
Right: The original sketch for a stamp I carved last month, adhered with matte medium and then background filled with paint pen.

Cutouts, backed with painted pages.The right side is a quote from You've Got Mail. In defense of my taste in movies, I actually got the quote from The Mindy Project, which was quoting the movie.

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  1. I loved your pages. Full of color, texture and very sincere. Sometimes i feel i am going crazy and then i realize well, all people go crazy sometimes and it is not a bad thing. Anyways, thank you for sharing...


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