Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Journal: Guts, part 2

It's time for part 2 of my January journal; Guts. I am filling this thing up really fast.

 Left: Gelli printed background made using a hand-burnt stencil, washi tape, homemade circle label, and a sticker by Ramon.
Right: Gelli printed background made with lace and a hand-cut stencil, printout of a text conversation (I've recently been using the program OneNote to translate screencaptures of text conversations into editable text so that I can better format them), washi tape, a hand-cut stamp with Ranger Archival Ink, and some doodling in Sharpie paint pen.

 Left: I've been drawing on tracing paper a lot lately, because it allows me to do a few drafts really easily, and then later it makes for fun effects in my journals. The parcel post labels I found in my grandpa's things after he passed away.
Right: Cutout of Maddie Ziegler and Shia LeBeouf from a still of Sia's Elastic Heart video. I mounted it on some wood grain cardstock.

 Left: I used a reverse cut of some floral cardstock on the back of my Maddie/Shia cutout....which makes for just an odd looking shape on the back side. But, I kind of like it. I added a little bit of doodling in embossing pen.
Right: Pocket page made with a little kraft envelope that I got with something I bought. I stamped over the entire page + envelope with a hand-carved pattern stamp, and then did the lettering in embossing pen. Inside the envelope is a recent letter from my BUFF (best uncle-friend forever).

 Left: Background is just pieced together scraps of gelli prints and scrapbooking papers. On top is a text-conversation printout, which I edited in photoshop to make the colors match the page. The date lettering is done with my favorite brush pen.
Right: Just a printout on scrapbooking paper.

Left: Bacground made with a hand-cut pattern stamp and distress ink.
Right: This page is a mess. The top 2/3 is a gelli print made with one of those net bags that avocados sometimes come in. It also had some big smudges of brownish paint on it. Who knows why I did that. So, I covered that up with a poorly cut out image of Hozier, wrote in white gel pen, and then added a scrap of patterned paper to the bottom, and some washi tape. Whatever. Junk page.

Left: Officially announcing my big fat crush on Chris Messina. I've been watching The Mindy Project and have fallen for him and his crooked smile and boy-band-dance moves. And then I found this photo of him with a beard. Be still my heart. He fit in here because the next several pages are a conversation between me and another beard-obsessed lady.

Left: Another "good stuff" list. I think I will continue this tradition through future journals.
Right: Fun with lettering, atop a gelli print with some added paint pen details.

Left: Gelli print + paint pen + gel pen.
Right: Brush pen drawing on cardstock, cut out and mounted on a stamped page. That's more Hozier lyrics. Some may have noticed that I kind of like him.
Left: Just a little washi tape "strap" to hold onto a piece of paper I needed to keep.
Right: A gelli print that I ran through my printer and also did some drawing on top.

Left: Paper piecing experiment. I designed the figure in Illustrator and then cut the pieces out with my Silhouette Cameo

Left: Another cutout. I really like these to break up the monotony of mostly-text pages,
Right: Gelli print with a typed-on cutout on top.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy! Great pages, but I especially like the heart - it goes so well with the words :)


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