Saturday, January 24, 2015

Journal: Guts- Part 3!

This journal is getting SO FAT. It's perhaps my bulkiest one yet and I've only been working at it for the current month. I'm very tempted to move on to the next journal, but I want to stick to keeping one for each month this year.

 What is it about a splatter of gesso that just adds so much?

 On the left is a screen-capture of a Hozier video, which I printed, drew on, sewed on, and mutilated a bit. I spend ridiculous amounts of time watching music videos. It only makes sense that they'd end up in my journals.

 I really need to work on the balance of text and art in my journals. It's just been wordswordswords lately.

 I have had these little Victorian dog stickers since I was 11. See? Paper (and sticker) hoarding totally pays off. Also, this spread photographed strangely. I don't really have Volturi eyes. *Wince*

 The "You live the surprise" sticker was sent to me by my friend, Caren, and she told me the artist's name and....I cannot remember for the life of me. I have a whole sheet. They're silver, which you can't tell in this photo.

 Want your own guts postcard?

 One time I was at Kinko's copying stuff, and there was a lady there with a pretty scarf, so I asked her to take it off and let me photocopy it. And that is the background of the right side of this spread.

 I had a totally legitimate reason to use an image of Mable Pines with a grappling hook in my journal. I feel like this makes me a success at life, pretty much.

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