Saturday, February 28, 2015

2nd February Journal: Waking Dream

Here are some selected pages from my second journal of the month of February, Titled "Waking Dream". I've included detail shots this time around.

 Cover. Gelli print, spray inks, acrylic paint, cutouts, paint marker...all of the messy things.

 I really wish I had the time to do this much layering on all of my pages.

 These bleeding heart flower cutouts are inspired by the movie Coraline. Real ones aren't quite as intricate, although they're still really awesome flowers.

 On the right here is one of WAY TOO MANY bee prints that I made on the gelli plate with a hand-cut mask. I don't know what I thought I'd do with all those bees. So, I've been sort of abstract-ifying them, like what I did here by partially covering it in gesso.

 These bird cutouts are painted with silver spray paint. In person they almost look like real metal.

 This tag is Marisa Lerin.

This is my favorite spread in this journal. It's inspired by Beach House's "Heart of Chambers" video.

 My cutter messed up a wee bit on the shopping cart.

 I am desperately trying to be OK with adding things in non-chronological order in my journal. It only makes my OCD twitch a little *chews the wall*.

 The tiniest little park bench.

 <3 p="">

 The horse image here is a painting by Jennifer Davis, and quite possibly the next print that I'll be buying from her.

 Yep, I have both failure and success on my list of things that scare me. Rock. Me. Hard place.

The end. See ya in a week or so with my next journal, "Thrill Ride".

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