Sunday, February 1, 2015

Guts, Part 4 (final)

Yesterday I finished and permanently bound my "Guts" journal. It spanned one month and consisted of 248 pages. The thing weighed 3 or 4 pounds when I was done with it. I call that a successfully chronicled month.

I decided to celebrate the end of this journal by creating a playlist to accompany these last few spreads. I chose each song to represent one of the spreads and the events/people/feelings written about.

Listen and view!

On the left is a drawing cut out of my sketchbook. Markers & brush pen.

 The drawing on the left here is a cutout print of a large work by my former art professor and long-time friend, Erik Shearer.

 On the right here is another piece by Erik.

 Here's something I think pretty much always looks cool: a cutout of a black and white image atop a colorful background.

 Gelli prints, vintage wallpaper.

 I love this spread. It's interactive. When you pull the fingers....

 Long text conversations!

 I really love these weird, delicate, abstract floral cutouts that I made like the pink one underneath the envelope on the left.

 That's a photo of me on the right that I lettered on top of.  That quote is very "me". I have dangerous amounts of curiosity.

 Lazy pages.

 Went a little Dada on the right side here.

 That's a printed out Snapchat image on the left. I love mixing bits of our technological world into my very tangible, hand-crafted journals.

 I'm very happy with the color combination on this spread.

 The granny cutout in this spread is an illustration I did out of a scribble. That's a drawing exercise I've been using since I was about...5?

 Pretty much everything from this point on is fairly lazily laid out, since I just wanted to make use of some of the painted pages that have gone unused and therefore got passed from journal to journal for a few months.

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