Friday, February 6, 2015

New Journal for February: Open, Part 1

Introducing a new journal for February, titled "Open".

Design-wise, this is one of my favorite spreads I've ever done.

I kinda love my doodles on the left page here.

It didn't photograph well, but the design in the circle on the left is a t-shirt design I did in 2012.

There seems to be a theme of mushrooms going on in my journals lately. I wonder why.
Just kidding. I know exactly why.

Faux old paper effect on the right was achieved with skin-tone craft paint and distress ink in "aged photograph".

Finally, finally, finally I've incorporated some Balzer into my journals. Those are Julie's leaf masks.
Also, left is unblurred for Kira. Hi Kira.

I need to carve more stamps. #CarveMostOfFebruary, anyone?

I stole Tyler's art again.

That's a really unkind self-portrait on the right. I'm way better-looking than that.

Sometimes I pre-prepare a spread and then my mood when I write doesn't match the mood of the pages. This is all pink and flowery and horribly depressing.

Goal for next month's journal: Less "he", more "me".

I had Chinese food that day.

You might recognize the background on the left if you're doing #28patterns with me. Although, I think I did 2 days and then slacked off completely.

You can get your own Broad City paper dolls here: Abbi & Ilana

On the right is a thing I wrote about living with anxiety disorder. I may publish it later in an art therapy zine that's been in the works for a couple years.

A lot of the pages in this journal are metallic and it sucks that it doesn't show in photos. The background on the right is gorgeous in person. You'll just have to trust me on that.
Left: I made that heart sticker with part of a Gary Taxali illustration.
Right: The image of Jenny Slate is a still of the SheeBlock commercial skit, which I find reason to make reference to regularly.

The moon on the right is layers of white cardstock cutouts brushed with black ink.

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