Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Open, Part 2

Here we go with part 2 of my February journal entitled "Open". I'm trying the thing where I add an accompanying soundtrack again as well.

I took all of these photos in ridiculously bright sunlight just so that one strip of black glitter tape on the left side of this spread would be recognizable.

On the right here is a page from my  sketchbook. Sort of word-and-image soup.

More sketchbook stuff.

I love this little shoe! I've had the cut file forever and was just waiting for a good excuse to use it. Thanks a bunch to the friend who mentioned shoes a lot in the conversation on the left.

On the left is the original vision of the "wheelers" from Return to Oz. If you know the movie version, you probably have nightmares about those guys, too.

I did a lot more actual drawing in this batch of spreads than I have lately. The portrait on the right is vaguely referenced from an image of Miranda July.

I love my homemade enamel dots seen on both sides of this spread. Hot glue and nail polish!

This model can pose for me annnnyyyyytiiiime. Heh.

The right side of this spread just destroyed a couple of my paint markers. Good excuse to buy a whole bunch more? I think so.

For the record, I hate that movie. The poster was just relevant to the writing of the day.

I think I'm getting a tiny bit better at sewing on paper without destroying it.

That thank you card on the right will probably get moved to somewhere where it goes better with the opposing page. Expect to see it again.

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