Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey, wanna look at my sketchbook? (Possibly NSFW)

I've been sketching more than journaling lately, although there's really no clear definition between my sketchbooks and journals. I write in my sketchbooks sometimes, and draw in my journals sometimes, too. I guess the main difference is that the sketchbook is anything-goes territory. I feel no need to make my pages cohesive or worry about the composition. I'm just recording bits of life and thoughts and such.

 This is a Strathmore Visual journal with mixed media paper. I always use these sketchbooks, but I usually go with the watercolor paper or the bristol board. Mixed media paper bleeds like a mofo with solvent-based markers, FYI.

 Lots of bleeding happened here. I attempted to make my sketches clearer with thick layers of opaque colored pencils and lots of black ink.

 I like the way I've been drawing my fellow lately, but I still have a tendency to make myself look different in every doodle.

 I remember a time where I could sit in public and draw people and they would be doing things other than looking at their phones.

 I made Josh crazy-eyed. Sorry, honey.

 Note to self: Never leave your sketchbook open in your purse next to an icy cold beverage or else your hilarious Clitorious BIG drawing will bleed. Either that, or use permanent ink.

 Have you noticed tally marks on several pages? We play a lot of 20 questions while I draw.

 That circle...I drew it freehand. LIKE A BOSS.

 This is an illustration of a dream that Josh had. He said he looked like Channing Tatum in the dream, but I like my interpretation better.

 Wow, this page photographed poorly.

 Terrible doodle page that I really didn't want to include, but then did to make other artists feel better about their own terrible doodle pages. You're welcome.

 Drawing from the TV. I do that sometimes. I was watching "One Big Happy", which you should watch too, because it's created by Liz Feldman, who is a really friggin funny lady.


Hey look, another terrible doodle page. And this commences the sharing for the day.

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