Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April journal: Bone Marrow, part 3

So, I had this idea to replace my usual sized book rings with ENORMOUS ones. You can see the old ones hanging from the new ones for comparison. I didn't want to worry about running out of room any more, since I seem to be filling these babies up like crazy. I'm getting used to wielding this giant, heavy block of a journal, but there was one change I didn't foresee when I bought the huge rings; now, when the book is open, there's a 3-inch gap between pages. So, I'm not so much thinking in "spreads" any more. Now I design my layouts one page at a time, and photograph them one at a time as well.

 There are way more photos than usual in this journal. For some reason it feels odd to me to print out pictures in these modern times where I could just show them to people on my phone, but I like adding text and a little design flare to them for my journal.

 It's even fun to just journal right on top of the photos.

 These are all sandwiched between handwritten pages, just to break up the monotony of all text.

 These photos I used in a more scrapbooky-manner to fill up the blank space at the end of an entry.

 I've never been a traditional scrapbooker. I either make digital layouts or do messy, mixed media physical layouts.

 This was a really cool thing we just came across while out wandering. I designed the text over the photo, but ti almost looks like it could be an ad for the exhibit.

 This woman paints these calla lilies. I suggested using stencils, but she said she prefers to make them natural enough looking that people don't automatically assume that they're painted.

 I've been busting out the many expanding coupon files I have full of things clipped out of magazines and such. I have these wild fantasies that somehow I'll use them all up, but that's never happening since I enjoy adding to the stash as much as using it.

 It's so gratifying to find little words and phrases in my stash that go well with my entry.

 The design on the bottom here is actually a temporary tattoo. Love the look.

 I've been considering maybe using a lined journal one of these months, and just adding doodles and collage and stickers for a genuine old-school-diary look.

This page has a lot of dimension. Another great thing about the huge binder rings is that I'm not afraid to build up the layers on the pages. I have plenty of room.

 This pear paper and the one above it are part of a printable pace available in my Etsy shop.

 I've been keeping some of these cutouts from the 90's.

 This background was an exercise in doodling with my eyes closed.

 Part of the fun of sharing my journal with you is redacting in such a way that might make you go, "WTF?"

 Pork. Pork. Pork.

 This little grumpy Josh cutout is my own drawing.

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