Monday, April 6, 2015

April's Journal: Bone Marrow (part 1)

  April's journal is titled "Bone Marrow" and it has a neon color theme. It's also the first one of my journals in this format to have hard covers. I used the covers off a dissembled Strathmore sketchbook.

 All the drippiness in this journal is from Pinata alcohol inks. I love them.

 This raised design in the background is a stencil that I was bored of using so I made the stencil itself a design element.

Many of my entries in this one are simply typed and printed on neon paper with just a bit of clip art or little doodles stuck in to break up the text.


These bug stickers, as well as some on other pages, are made from elements I designed for this Bug Party Wrapping Paper.

The "Hey Sugar" thing is packaging from Sift Dessert Bar. I can't actually eat their gorgeous cupcakes, but I can use their pretty packaging!

Yep, I'm still obsessed with Broad City.

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