Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer of Color, Week 6- Final Painting

Summer of Color is a 6-week art party lead by Kristen of Twinkle Twinkle. I participated last year for the 4th go-round, and I had so much fun that I'm back at it again for Summer of Color 5!

The guidelines for this week's palette were to choose 2 shades of orange and one blue.

Once I'd chosen my favorite trio of shades, I used them to create this painting:

This is the last painting for this year's SOC and I'm just barely getting it posted in time because I had so much trouble getting proportions and angles how I wanted them. It's still not quite realistic, but it works.

Here's a little animation of the process:

Thanks for coming by! Leave me a comment before you head off to check out the rest of the participants entries for this week.


  1. Your painting is absolutely gorgeous! You used these colors in such a creative and fabulous way! I have enjoyed following you through the Summer of Color this year! Hugs, Sharon

  2. Love this so much. You worked the colours so well.

  3. so clever and creative! I don't know how you do the art or the animation but I just love it!! It has been such a pleasure seeing your art thru this challenge!

  4. Such beauty, such action, such deep meaning (I think) and how you put it all together. Brilliant~

  5. Oh wow! The animation - and of course the final piece - is fantastic. Love the way you have used this week's colours.

  6. Brilliant, love your image, and great step by step video

  7. Super, great to see the animation too, BJ

  8. supernicely painted! Ulrike


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