Monday, December 21, 2015

My Planner, My New Obsession

It's December right now and a big part of this being The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year for me is the fact that this is when I start looking into buying a new planner. I've had a little trouble committing to a paper planner in the past few years because I'm perpetually lugging around at least 2 other kinds of books (usually a sketchbook and a journal) and it's hard to justify a third book when technically my phone can do everything a planner can do (even though I have never actually used my phone as a planner). However, this year I had an awesome realization that with the right kind of binding, a planner could technically be a planner, art journal/regular journal, a smash book and a scrapbook all in one! I could appease all my chronicling and crafting impulses all between the same front and back covers! (Well, OK, so there aren't expansion rings big enough to contain ALL Of my booky stuff, but maybe with some serious focus on quality over quantity I could keep most of it contained there.)

So, I did my research and decided on the MAMBI Happy Planner. The major deciding factor for me was the way it's bound. Instead of rings or a coil, it has discs, and the pages sort of pop onto the discs for major customization and rearranging capabilities. It takes a special type of hole punch to add in your own pages, but luckily it's an affordable punch. (BTW, I'm not getting compensated for this or anything.)

So, after a week with this baby, here's my first full spread.

I'm using a mix of stickers from my pre-existing collection, new stickers meant for this particular planner, and stickers that I made myself out of magazine cutouts and home-printed images. I assume that once the honeymoon is over with my new favorite toy, my spreads wont be so busy and cluttered.

I also made a little pocket page, which I placed opposite the cute month-overview page for December.

If you have a planner obsession, too, please comment. I'd love to make some planner-friends and perhaps do some trading of supplies!

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