Sunday, January 17, 2016

Planner Post: 2 weeks & New Tabs

I missed last week's post, so I have 2 new spreads to share.

I really like the limited color palette on last week's spread. Black, white and pink. I made my own to-do list and patterned stickers as well as the sidebar, which is an edited image of an Egon Schiele drawing.  I also added some MAMBI stickers and magazine cutouts.

This week I decided to go with a theme. I chose Bob's Burgers and I made all my own stickers from images online. So fun!

I also have some new functional additions. I'm using the interior cover as a dinner dashboard. Hubby and I go through Pinterest, pick out dishes that look good, and write them down on post-it's along with the website they're from. Then, when it's time to plan out the week's dinners, we can flip through and pull out the ones that work with what we have in the fridge.

I got my planner in December, so it came with extra months that would never be used. I took out the pages, but left the dividers to be repurposed, which I've started doing this week. I changes July, August and September to Fitness, Reminders and Projects.
In the fitness tab I made a full-page sticker to cover half of a leftover monthly view. It also really strengthens the page. Inside the tab I have my elliptical training program, which I am 3 weeks into, as well as some custon fitness journal pages, which I designed myself.
Here's what the fitness journal pages look like. I made them myself because I wanted them to be very specific to my diet and exercise habits, but the Happy Planner has it's own fitness expansion pack, too, for those who don't happen to have the tools to make their own.

Here's inside the Reminder tab. Another huge sticker that I designed, and a smattering of coupons that need to be used, appointment cards, etc.

More homemade pages for inside the Projects tab. I like to keep a running list of projects ideas to make sure I'm never without something to do. I made separate work and personal project pages, because when you work from home, it's really easy to forget which is which. This keeps a balance.

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